Recruitment and Selection

  • Are you living in a “time warp”?

      By: Kathryn Sebesten   To some individuals time is purely a suggestion. If that’s the case why do we have constant reminders of time displayed everywhere we turn such as clocks, watches, mobile phones even sundials? These devices don’t just display time but provide us with the exact hour, minute and second of the […]

  • The Lady in HR

    I get that sometimes the worst thing that can happen to a job applicant is having to be interviewed by me.   Yep – ME.   For those that don’t know me all that well, I’m fairly blunt.  In the interview process this typically means that I do not “pussy-foot” (that’s as close to a Rob Ford […]

  • The JobHunter Vol 13: Is The Journey Complete Or Just Starting?

    Hello friends and fellow Job Hunters. I begin today’s column with fantastic news. Yours truly, the #JobHunter, who has been on the hunt for a new job and career since the beginning of May is starting a new career and position on Monday morning. Can you believe it? It almost seems like a dream after […]

  • The #JobHunter Vol. 12: What To Wear & What Not To Wear

    Hello fellow #JobHunters and friends. This week finds me in slightly less angsty/urgent spirits than last, even though I STILL haven’t heard back from the NFP that I double interviewed with and I’m still not holding down a full time job. It’s crazy, but September is just days away and I’m looking down the barrel […]

  • The #JobHunter Vol. 11: The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

    Hello friends and fellow #JobHunters. I don’t think I really understood this Tom Petty gem fully until this week. And let me tell you why…. In last week’s installment, I was feeling in pretty decent spirits coming off some serious time working a fun, crazy part time gig and having done two interviews on a […]

  • The #JobHunter Vol. 10: Too Busy Working To Get a Job?

    You might have noticed I missed last week’s entry of the #JobHunter blog. That’s because I was working. No, not gainful, permanent employment, but more along the lines of several days of long hours filled with music, driving and people working as a driver on a concert and music festival that went down last week […]

  • The #JobHunter Vol. 9: Trying To Make Progress

    It’s been an interesting week for the #JobHunter. My forward momentum wasn’t quite as forward as I was hoping, but I’ve made a few interesting revelations, made some new contacts and applied for a few jobs that I’d love to do. One of the interesting themes across all of those things has been social media. […]

  • The #JobHunter Vol. 8: In Interviews, Prepare For The Unexpected

    Hey there pals and fellow hunters, it’s been a pretty busy week around the old #JobHunter ranch. I have been booking interviews, going to interviews and doing some casual work on the side that turned into a pile of fun and great experience. On the paying bills side of things, I was working with a […]

  • The #JobHunter Vol. 7: My Frown Is Upside Down

    It’s a better week. It just is. Everything everyone told me about the Stampede shut down and the mini-surge that would happen after the cowboy hats were put away turned out to be true. I bagged a quick group interview session for an ad promo session on Tuesday and managed to line up two interviews […]

  • The #JobHunter Vol. 6: Stampede Slowdowns & Is It Time To Get Aggressive?

    Yahoo, Giddyup and Happy Stampede to all my friends, fellow #JobHunters and anyone else who reads this blog. I sincerely hope you’re enjoying one of the best times of year to be a Calgarian. Stampede is such a fantastic time to meet up with friends, reflect on our western heritage, eat some pancakes and have […]