Elevated works with their clients to make change in organizations

Some of Elevated’s clients:


“I am very thankful for the support, ideas, connections and encouragement I’ve received from Michelle during a traumatic and life changing moment in time. I am excited for what lies ahead, and have some new tools to help me achieve a dream I wasn’t sure I would ever realize. This is the beginning of a great adventure!”
- Outplacement Employee


“As a lawyer who has dealt with a number of employment issues in almost all contexts, I can say that Elevated is a tremendous asset to any organization looking for ideas and solutions to mitigate risk and promote business growth. My experience with Michelle is that she makes human resource issues, which can be very trying at times, so much easier. She is extremely knowledgeable in legislation, case law and industry standards and applies this knowledge in effective, practical solutions.”
- Nolan Johnson, Bedford Biofuels


“Michelle brings an enthusiasm and thoughtfulness to her work that takes all the stress out of recruitment. When you ask Elevated to recruit for you, not only do you get fast professional results, but you know they’re going to ensure you’re hiring the best of the best.”
- Kate McKay, Business Instincts Group