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About Us

Elevated is your no nonsense – get it done – make you laugh (or sometimes cry) – always got your back – tell it to you straight – HR partner.


Our vision is simple: Build a solid foundation for employers today, so they can attract and retain extraordinary talent tomorrow.


How do we do this?


We seek out entrepreneurial minded leaders who realize there is a different and more effective way to navigate their HR demands. We hold you accountable, help you grow and always pickup the phone when you need a shoulder, or ear to lean on.


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Whether you are a business owner or a management team; an individual in need of career development or exploration; or an HR department in need of some extra support, Elevated has a variety of programs that can be tailored to your distinct needs.


Contact us today and let’s Elevate your business, career or team.


(Not to mention have a little fun along the way.)


Want to learn more about us? Just check out our video and Employee Handbook! They tell a good story (and shows you how we like to be a little different! It should also come with a PG-13 rating!)