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  • Largest Punitive Damage Award in Canadian Employment Law

      Sure – it seems totally logical to fire an employee who has worked with the company for 34 years for cause. Especially when you have $800,000+ lying around. You see, that’s exactly what it cost Babine Forest Products when they tried to fire Larry Higginson, a sawmill manager who claimed that the company made […]

  • Do non-compete clauses stick?

    I’m often asked if employment agreements should contain a non-compete clause, and if so, do they work.   The short answer. Sometimes. The long answer… it’s complicated.   First and foremost, when deciding on implementing a non-compete clause, the business must identify the purpose of the non-compete.  A court will often side with the employee […]

  • Merry Christmas…wait…can I say that?

      I have many clients that have jumped on the “Have a great holiday” train to appear that they are more inclusive. “Appear”…isn’t that a funny word?   Here’s the deal – if you want to say “Merry Christmas” there is nothing wrong with that. If you’re worried your employees are going to get offended […]