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  • Lessons learned being social media UN-savvy

      By: Abby (Abigail) Tiangco   I’ll be the first to admit – I’m not entirely the most tech savvy person (it’s probably safe to say I’m among the least). So when it comes to social media, I tend to shy away from it because, well, I suck at it. I take half an hour […]

  • Social Media + the Job Hunt

    Earlier this summer, the New York Times posted an article title: “Social Media History Becomes a New Job Hurdle.” I posted the link on my Facebook and a debate immediately commenced. A friend highlighted that Recruiters use online research and social media screening because they don’t know how to adequately screen candidates. They use it […]

  • Grow Conference

    A few weeks back, Michelle and I had the opportunity to attend Grow Conference in Vancouver. We had booked it months ago — after a recommendation from some of our peers in Silicon Valley. Lucky for us it coincided quite nicely with my relocation out to Vancouver [i.e. opening Elevated’s Vancouver ‘office’ :)]. Grow Conference […]