By: Michelle McNutt


Well it’s the end of an era…can an era be 1.5 years? I’m going to say yes…as my ‘Elevated Era’ has a nice ring to it (alliteration will do that) and this will be how I look back on my time here. It all started with a lunch at Teatro…conversation ended with “I don’t like getting married after a first date, but this was gooood!” (Don’t worry, we followed the recruitment process…I met the team and some clients before actually saying “I Do!”, complete with a Tiffany blue box.)

There was a lot of learning and growth during this time for me. The first time my ‘first day’ was videotaped (on the fly, I found out about it on my walk to work that day), my first podcast, pulling a plane, sharing some ‘Mean Messages”, dressing as Disney Princesses (hoping this was a first and last for me!), my first ‘Bad Portrait’, first time tracking hours (man I hated that process and more so, I hated how well it worked), getting cut off with Grace and admitting this is my first blog! This was also the first values driven culture I was part of…Wow, Offside, Ownership and Partnership defined who we were and what we did.


I loved being part of a team that I could count on. I know that if I needed something (or even if I still need something), this group would answer the call. I’ve read lots of articles on how you shouldn’t share personal details at work to keep relationships professional…we didn’t really abide by that logic…at all…ever. We were a small, agile team…and those personal details helped you understand each person and where they were coming from (even if you didn’t fully understand it)…and quite impossible not to share those details after a bottle, or two, of wine. Those personal details also meant we challenged each other…we knew when to dig in and when to let something go.


I’m leaving to join a client (Inliv) …yup, I took the value of partnership a little too far with them and it got serious! The problem (not really) is that our clients are all really awesome and it’s easy to partner with them!


So as I say see you later to Elevated, I am thankful. I learned a lot from this team and the clients, and a lot about myself and for that I am grateful. I’ve met a ton of amazing people during this time, and this group of women (Michelle, Abby, Jelena, Carrie and Audrey) is a big part of that. I look forward to watching Elevated’s progress as they grab HR by the horns!

Michelle M aka McNutt, 2nd Michelle, MM, the other Michelle

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