Last summer I had the opportunity to join the team at Elevated. A whole year has now passed, and I can honestly say there is nothing else quite like it.

It’s a powerhouse of strong and determined women. I have said that from day one and continue to say it today. Elevated’s Leading Lady, Michelle Berg, awes me. She always has her company top of mind, which also means having her team, clients, and career ambitions top of mind. At the end of the day, she goes home and spends time with her family and posts the cutest stories of her daughter on social media. How does she do it? What’s even more wondrous is how she brings on employees to the team who equally share a passion for the employee experience space, and simply want to kick-ass.

In honor of a whole year, I asked myself what are some of the kick-ass things I have done this year? I came up with a few:

  1. I learned. So much. It sounds obvious, but I feel like in one year at Elevated I have learned more practical skills than I did in my university degree
  2. I found out I love recruiting. Mostly, I love that feeling of helping incredible talent becoming part of teams where they can make a change
  3. I helped create one of Elevated’s values.

That last point will be my little legacy. I am beyond proud that I had the opportunity to recognize and bring forward a value we were living at Elevated every day. It makes me smile when I see it on our website and on our office’s wall for all to see.

When I wrote my first blog for Elevated, I was sitting at Cold Garden drinking a beer, and petting dogs. Today, I sit at Vendome, sipping on ice tea, as I wait to meet people from a writing group in Calgary who have the potential to be content/writing creatives. Who knows, maybe I’ll hand out my card tonight, and find that missing talent for one of our marketing clients! Throughout my year at Elevated, I have had my highs and lows, like one does with any job. In the end, I am so thankful for this opportunity, and as I go into my second lap, I am ready for Round 2.0 of kicking ass.

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