When Michelle left her corporate job as a Senior Vice President, she had two primary goals: making Elevated a success and massaging her soul.  Giving back to the community is now a priority for her as well as her team on a monthly basis.

From supporting the Soup Sisters (just ask Abby about slicing her finger within 5 minutes of arriving to help) to multiple clothing drives for Making Changes and My Best Friend’s Closet to doing 5 random acts of kindness for Elevated’s 5th birthday, to raising awareness and funds for June Dresses the team at Elevated aims to either donate their time or give a minimum of $1,000 a month to local charities.

In addition, in 2016 Michelle launched an annual scholarship at her old high school where she rewards those with Street Smarts (rather than just book smarts). Finally, Michelle is now a proud Board Member of Meticulon, an organization that focuses on placing autistic adults into software testing and QA positions.





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