Michelle's Story

How it All Started

Michelle’s Story


Michelle-Technically EHR started in 2007. But I didn’t have a clue about what I was doing, so I went back to the corporate world as a Senior VP in HR. It was fun for the first while. I was paid extremely well, but I wasn’t happy. I was an employee who was sabotaging my career, knowing the tricks of the trade and how to make a 25% effort look like 110%. I got caught up in the politics of the organization and eventually the drama drove me to a point where I couldn’t take it anymore. So I did what I tell all people to do when they are unhappy. I quit and and in 2010 I re-launched Elevated to what it is today. There are a few additional juicy details to this story I will refrain from putting on paper, but if any of you buy me a bottle of wine, open it on a Friday (3:30PM or after) and ask me what happened, you’re pretty much guaranteed I’ll tell you.

Anyway, back to 2010: I didn’t really have a business plan. I had a concept. I knew that small and medium-sized businesses couldn’t afford to have an HR department onsite full time. I also knew that strategic HR wasn’t just a big company requirement, it was an every company requirement.

I had a hunch most managers and employees despised HR but saw it as a necessary evil. Finally, I hated the way I personally approached the HR profession but intrinsically knew I could change it.

I have always said, “no one stays in companies because of great HR. They stay because of great leaders and managers who give them opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise get”. In the end, my goal was to build a company that provided those small and medium-sized businesses with a low-cost solution to their human resource needs, so they could truly be great leaders and managers.

The first 5 months were traumatic to say the least. I didn’t know how to market. I didn’t know how to do sales. I didn’t know accounting. In fact, I didn’t even know what it took to get a bank account. Our first client was in September 2010 and I didn’t even cash the cheque because I didn’t have the account set up. Minor details, right? Then, one day I was told to stop worrying about making money and just make magic. And as it happens, I just started being me and the idea actually took off. It’s been refined over the years, from offering various packages and support to clients at different levels, and as we continue to grow and evolve and hire on more incredible people, the concept keeps getting better.

So where are we now and where are we going? The big picture is just to create more magic. The details – well they are undefined. All I know is: I want to make our tools simpler, our ideas more out of the box, and I want to continue to provide value like no other. I want to constantly be building employee experiences that matter and we can do that by really understanding our clients, their pain points, and letting our hair down a bit once in a while. Finally, I ideally want to keep the program budget-friendly for our clients and provide exceptional service. We can do this through automation and constant review of our processes and by always wanting to make the product better.

Want to learn more? Join us at our many happy hours, come hang out with us on a patio, or, if you prefer, we can meet in a stuffy boardroom too (because, after all…we’re flexible!)

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