Our Journey

Where We've Been and What We've Done

Our Journey

Elevated Try #1

(we didn’t exactly know what we were doing… OOPS!)

June 2007

Elevated Try #2

(and it seems to have stuck!)

August 2010

Getting Started

First client signs up with Elevated

Sep 2010

Open up a bank account to cash the cheque (yes, backwards)

November 2010


Passed the $500K mark with no loans or debt



Won the Team Award for Volunteering by Propellus

May 2014

New Beginnings

The littlest member of our team joined the fold (Madeline Grace)

Aug 2014


Winner of the Notable Entrepreneurship Award for 2015

Read more Feb 2016


Winner of the Best HR Team by the HRIA

Read more April 2016

Top 20 Leader

Michelle is recognized as a Top 20 Leader in Calgary by Business in Calgary Magazine

Read more June 2016

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