While it’s probably been brewing for a while now, this is the first year I’ve noticed such a hate on for New Year’s resolutions or goal setting. So much so, that I might dare say it’s been a “trend”. A trend I intend to buck.


Here’s my stance: Goals and resolutions are not stupid. To me this is about the same non-sense and infatuation that our culture seems to have with failing. That everyone needs to fail to move forward. To me, that’s garbage. Do people fail every day? Yes. Do people see failure the same way? No.  Sure – you need to learn from mistakes, learn how to pivot and show resiliency. But stop romanticizing failure. Failure completely and utterly sucks. And I’m tired of it being seen as an excuse – which is exactly what this looks like too – I literally just finished a blog that says, “Don’t set goals, they make you less successful.” That reads like an excuse.


Ok sure – you don’t need January 1 to be the start of anything or wait until January 1 to actually start something.  And sure – there is nothing truly inspiring about SMART goals.  And yes, I definitely understand that many New Year’s resolutions often go unrealized.  And absolutely, don’t write a goal for the sake of a writing goal. Be intentional about it. Take your time. Analyze your situation.  But for Pete’s sake, set goals and then commit to being disciplined around them. It is the ONLY way you still get anywhere in life.


I believe January 1 is about symbolism. And sometimes symbolism is what you need to get yourself going.


At Elevated we’re starting an entire new chapter in our evolution (again!). We’re pivoting one more time –  we’re excited to announce that we’re launching the Elevated Tribe. A free group that is committed to providing support to others as it relates to your current career, discussions around career growth and yes – even a platform to share your goals with and perhaps keep accountable for past the first month of 2019.


Want to become part of the Elevated Tribe?  Send us a note at info @ elevatedhr.com and we’ll send you an invite to our exclusive Facebook group where you’ll get tips, tricks, support and invites to events on career development.


Cheers to finding the career you love, setting goals you hit, commitment and discipline.


Happy 2019!



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