It’s Valentine’s Day…


So we could write a cheesy blog about how Elevated has some incredible jobs available and how we “match make” to find perfect happiness between employers and employees. Or we could give you tips on how you could fall madly in love with your career. But we’ve travelled that path already.


Or we could pull out the traditional HR policy type stuff and say, “Here are all the rules around finding love in the work place.” But our friend Tim posted that this year.


Or we could exploit our one single employee at Elevated, and ask for your help in finding her the perfect match. And while she is still very much looking for her future husband, we bought her a date this past summer and decided that we probably shouldn’t meddle.


Or we could say…if you happen to find love at work we don’t blame you.  Love is one of those things that shouldn’t have boundaries, much less HR involvement.  Sure – it could be career limiting. And yep, even a bit weird for your co-workers at times. And nobody really wants to think about what you did in the copy room.


But love has a funny way of showing up at different times, in different ways. And as much as HR wants to believe a solid policy is going to keep you in check…it doesn’t (and this is from the ex-HR exec who tried to impose a “no fishing off the company dock” policy.)


So here’s to all those who find love where it seems easiest. A place where you get to be vulnerable, strong, fearless and emotional all in one boardroom. No wonder it happens so easily.


By the way, anyone check out the new 50 shades of Grey movie yet? It’s our next team building event…cause we’re pretty sure that’s breaking a rule or two as it relates to HR “appropriate”.  Then again, we’re not your every day HR firm.  That’s why you stumbled on this blog in the first place.


Which begs the question…are you needing to fall back in love with the people side of your business? Maybe check us out.


See what we did there?



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