Each year I attempt to say what’s going to happen in the people and culture field – sometimes I’ve been right. Most of the time it’s common sense. And I’m sure (while I don’t recall when) I’ve been wrong. At any rate – let me know what you think about the following 2018 predictions…

  1. More and more companies will introduce AI as part of their self-serve feature. Employees are going to continue to be major pains in the ass and not want to adopt it. HR will fail 80% of the time in implementations because they haven’t collaborated across all departments and gained buy in first.
  2. Recruitment is going to get harder (and not just because LinkedIn and Indeed have made it far more expensive to post ads). Most companies will fail to put out a proper employer value proposition. That’s because they don’t understand what an employer value proposition is nor care to listen. This will be the competitive advantage for those organizations who understand the value of marketing and HR communicating internally and externally.
  3. People will continue to be promoted into management roles with zero leadership capabilities. There will still be managers who will continue to think that they deserve to be respected simply because of their title. This will continue because people struggle with giving and receiving feedback – and it’s only getting worse as face-to-face conversations are slowly being phased out by technology.
  4. Managers are going to continue to suck at compensation conversations. That’s because they think compensation is confidential or have failed to reward staff for performance. Or because they use survey data that isn’t indicative of the market. Either way – compensation will remain difficult for all HR and manager leaders until they start being more transparent with how compensation works.
  5. Even though there are more articles and conversations about employee engagement, 66% of employees will remain disengaged. This is because we have a society that thinks people have to do things for them rather than take responsibility for themselves. Managers can make things harder for sure, but if employees are waiting for managers to change, we say: “Have fun in victim land.”


At the end of the day I guess I’m suggesting that not much is going to change in 2018.  I don’t mean it to sound so negative – but the truth is the best organizations are few and far between, because very few people actually give a damn about their people and culture practices.  But for those that do – well they remain at the top of their field for a reason – higher profits, higher revenues and higher client satisfaction. It’s not employee engagement that does that – it’s about leaders who choose to lead and employees who choose to make an impact.

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