At Elevated, part of what we do is to support a non-profit at least monthly by donating time or money.  Last year in June we were pumped, because we stumbled upon June Dresses where we could raise money and awareness for organizations that support women in Calgary.

Enter today…it’s June 1 and I text all the girls making sure they wear their dresses as we hadn’t really talked about it (of course, Abby isn’t so that’s $5.00 in the dress jar for her!). Anyway, it dawns on me, “Hey – I haven’t actually seen anything this year!” and I go to the website and they unfortunately aren’t doing it.  But in our typical style, the team at Elevated and I have a plan to ensure the great organizations that support women still get some love and financial support. And of course, now we (realistically, Michelle and I) get a reason to have to wear dresses all June (and yes, even if it’s cold, Abby).


So here’s our plan: If you’re wearing a dress, snap a pic, post on Instagram, tag @elevatedhr along with the name of your favorite women’s non-profit in Calgary.  Each day, one person’s non-profit will be selected and Elevated will donate $50.00!


Sounds easy right? One more time…


  • Put on a dress
  • Take a picture
  • Post on Instagram
  • Tag @elevatedhr and a Calgary women’s non-profit of your choice
  • We select one a day (so if you don’t get picked the first time, post again the next day!)
  • We donate the money!
  • You get famous
  • Well, probably not…but we’ll give you some insta-love!


Ready, set…get dress-ed! J

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