I am stressed. And not the good kind.


The kind that turns into depression if not handled appropriately. The kind that is most likely going to get debilitating. In a past blog on mental health, my family and friends have often been good enough to point it out. Last Wednesday two very important women in my life called me on it – I wasn’t ready to talk but they took the time to both text me to tell me I can beat this. And I knew it was bad when I had a hard time believing them.


Before I was able to snap myself out of it, I found myself spiraling deeper. I hardly worked last week. I hardly checked in with my team. I found myself getting frustrated when I would. I was nonchalant with clients.


Last night I went to bed making a firm decision to change something while I still feltl in control.


As I said – there is good stress and bad stress. And I actually really like the good stress. The kind that gets the adrenaline going. The kind that pushes me to be creative (especially with smaller time constraints). The kind that makes it all worth it.


So in honour of Stress Awareness Month (yep, good timing!) I woke up this morning with the idea that smaller deadlines (silly ones at that) may start to move me in the right direction – I just need tiny wins. My instastories (@michellelberg) today will feature the tiny deadlines I’m making for myself, what I’m achieving and you’ll see me (and perhaps others) laughing at myself demonstrating not to sweat the small stuff.


Because as Dory says (yep, I’m a mom of a three year old…): “Just keep swimming!”


Oh and be sure to follow Elevated this month as we’re doing a bunch of give-aways to help YOU de-stress! It’s just our way of giving back to the community we adore (and remembering that we all have stuff we go through!) Our Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram (@elevatedhr) will feature the prizes and share tips on keeping the bad stress at bay!

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