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Regardless of the economy, building an edge over the competition is extremely important. Our Leadership courses focuses on helping students to truly be prepared for the future. Our goal is to help students explore unique career opportunities, build an impressive resume and be prepared for phone interviews. We will demonstrate how students can use social media for good, problem solve and even provide tips on tricks on when to involve mom and dad in the job search. In other words, we’ll help students to embrace the idea of building rare and valuable skills that affords them the luxury of being so good no one can ignore them!


Course Curriculum:

Unique Careers

Identify the hottest jobs today and predicted jobs in the future. Explore career paths of various roles.

Resume Preparation

Build a resume (even without job experience). Learn tricks and tips that even mom and dad could use!

Interview Practice

Practice responding to interview questions. Each participant will be recorded and provided valuable feedback on where they can improve.

Communication Styles

Students will learn the differences in communication and understand how to harness their own communication style effectively in the work setting.

Creative Problem Solving

We will help students to identify problems but become a solution-oriented advocate.

Social Media & the Job Search

Identify ways that social media can expand the job search. Build a digital footprint that builds your brand.

Parent tips: Do’s and Don’ts

Recognize when you need to leave your parents out of the job search and when they can help!


Age Group: 15 – 19

Class size: Maximum 12 participants

Investment: $345 + GST per participant


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