By: Michelle Berg

Every year at Elevated we typically choose a non-profit or charity and give back to the community who has given us so much. This year something felt off to just choose one. After all, we’ve been part of over 500 layoffs (the tough part of being in Human Resources) this year and knew we needed to do something more.


Instead, I challenged each team member of Elevated to take $250 of our profits and make a difference by paying it forward. Over the next few weeks, you’ll see my team members in action, making a total investment of $2,000 (min) to truly mean something in Calgary and beyond.

As for me – I’ve decided to give just as much of my time as my dollars. Our city is hurting, our province is hurting but so is our country. If you’ve lost your job this year in Alberta OR Oshawa and need a second pair of eyes on your resume, send it over our way to elevatedhr @ gmail. com. We’ll send you our tips for cover letters and resumes as well as strategies on how to structure your job search and last but not least, let you know how your resume may be getting in the way of your success. Just make sure in the “Subject” you write something like “Help My Resume!”

Our country will hopefully get a second wind (sooner than later). As much as I love my city and my province, I am hopeful that our country will eventually unite and realize we have solutions at our finger tips. As much as our province is hurting in Alberta, we feel your pain Oshawa and know this can (and will) be solved.

For now…let us help. Even if it’s one resume tip at a time.

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