May 5, 2020 – Workforce Re-entry Decision Tree

With Alberta entering into Phase 1 of a return to work initiative, and many other provinces creating their own schedules, Elevated has put together a decision matrix business owners can use as a guide to getting their business ready to return to business! Access the decision tree on the link below:


Workforce Re-Entry Decisions


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How can Elevated support?

Since this crisis turned into a lockdown and remote work, CCA has focused on how to bring our members knowledge and tools  for the moment in order to help them adapt to meet the new challenges and prepare for the weeks, and maybe months, ahead.

We could only have done this through the support and participation of great partners and subject matter experts who cared.

Michelle Berg was one of the first to step up and our daily hour long sessions discussing HR issues, emerging government programs and answering real questions from business owners became a fixture on many calendars as we navigated new versions of our journey.

Knowledge, experience, passion and the ability to connect all that to peoples’ circumstances by meeting them where they are, is a phenomenal skillset when it can be realized and Michelle and Elevated have certainly set that bar high for CCA and our members.

Bill Black B.Sc, CEC, LEED AP, President & COO,  Calgary Construction Association

“Thank you CCA for the session on Mental health on April 30 with Michelle Berg of Elevated.  To say that stress is high in Calgary is an understatement.  There were several helpful principles and ideas on not only how to broach the topic with workers, but also some practical exercises and resources suggested to support workers in this uncertain and stressful time.  I liked especially the concept that we are entering the disillusionment phase as pertaining to the on-going length and impact of the isolation and lack of work for many people.   Lots of ideas and good suggestions consider in this important area of Mental Health in the workplace and beyond. Great discussions.”

Leon Friesen  Health and Safety Manager, Metro Paving and Road Building Ltd.


“I had the pleasure to join the CCA on the virtual Metal Health panel (led by Michelle Berg of Elevated). I found it to be a great way to open the discussion on mental health in our industry and to provide relevant tools and information regarding how to help yourself and others during these uncertain times. I am looking forward to being part of more of these sessions as we continue to navigate these challenging times.”

 MARIETH REYES | Project Coordinator, Wright Construction Western Inc.


April 24, 2020 
As we begin Week 7 of COVID19 school closures and office shutdowns, the CEWS program is officially in place and you can now apply for the period of March 15 to April 11, 2020.

The goal of the program is to bring people back to work. For those that have no work, but the company continues to pay a salary while employees stay at home, organizations will receive 100% of their EI or CPP contributions back.

Can I lower employee’s salaries during this time without paying the additional 25%?

It looks like you “can” but we are not totally sure on the mechanics of it given how you fill out the application process. This of course is a much preferred process for most employees that you have laid off, as it amounts to $347 more a week than CERB; so don’t be surprised if laid off employees ask for this to be a solution. The problem is organizations have to wait for the money to hit their account and are essentially loaning the employees (or the government…depending on how you look at it) the money. If you have the money, it certainly would help financially and from a mental health perspective to keep the lines of communication open with those that have been temporarily laid off.   And you could ask them to do projects for you from home (even random ones like process documents or upgrading their training!)

It also appears during the application process that it assumes you have already deducted the 10% wage subsidy; it reduces the amount paid to you by that amount. The max for that program was $25,000 per company and $1,375 per person.

If you have questions about calculations or communication with your employees around this program, please contact us at

How to apply for EI – for team members

Have you been recently laid off or asked to self-isolate due to COVID-19?

We have laid out the process for you in a step by step way to ensure the experience is easy to understand and complete. We know this time can be difficult – a questionnaire that doesn’t always make sense doesn’t need to be.


EI Regular Benefits Help








Tips for Employers – Coding the ROE








CERB Application Process