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Course Overview.

In a dynamic and ever-changing job market, organizations must start to adapt their human resource practices in order to better attract, retain, and develop their employees. This certificate gives you cutting edge practices and practical insight into the field of human resources as well as teach you design thinking as it relates to employees and core competencies of organizational effectiveness: values, vision and mission statements, recruitment, onboarding,  compensation systems, performance management, development and training, health and safety, employee separation and HR systems management.

  • To build a solid foundation for line and mid-level managers
  • To achieve the goal of helping participants own their communication styles while leading a team
  • To build a motivated environment filled with energy and enthusiasm among peers sharing the same experience

Each session, the participants will be given a series of tasks to complete before the following session to practice and experiment with techniques and ideas taught in the sessions.

After completing this training program, leaders will have a better understanding of their responsibilities, a commitment to personal accountability and the tools necessary to promote a positive team environment.

Total Training Hours: 29

Training Delivery Method: Remote Learning

This course is delivered in a remote learning environment where participants are immersed in the concepts from start to finish; experiential programs are put in place through distance learning.

Assessment Method
Participants are assessed on their attendance, participation, and completion of all course components; including modules, quizzes, assignments and discussions. They will also be required to prepare a presentation to deliver key concepts to the class. Participants will receive a certificate of completion upon successfully completing all modules.

Training Duration / Length
Training to be delivered over a period of 3 months, in 3 hour sessions for up to 9 sessions. Duration of training cannot exceed over a 6-month period.

Course Capacity
Up to a maximum of 12 participants can be registered to undergo training at the same time.

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Instruction Fees.

Instructional Fees
$3,000 per participant plus GST

Fees for Textbooks, Software, and Other Required Materials
Elevated HR Solutions will provide any required training materials at no additional cost to participants.

By utilizing the Canada-Alberta Job Grant, you may be able to receive reimbursement of up to 66%, but you will need to pay the full cost upfront once the grant is approved. Participants must be also be eligible trainees for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

Instructor Details
This course will be facilitated by Michelle Berg, CPHR.

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Course Curriculum.

With the Employee Experience Design Certificate, the participants will be covering the following modules:

Vision and Values – Bringing them to Life with Your Team Members (5 hours)

In this session, leaders will explore the current values and vision statement. They will learn to manage using values and vision and helping to build purpose for their employees. Through this workshop, further value evaluation and purpose statements will be built. Later on in the session, employees will be invited to build their own purpose statements so that all employees are aligned with the vision and values of the organization.

Recruitment and Selection (3 hours)

In this session, leaders will learn how to build an employer value proposition that supports further growth, job ads that are meaningful and attract the right kind of people. They will also learn how to ask the right questions, building out interview questions that reflect the values. This session will also teach managers and leaders to look into the right things in terms of references and negotiate the offer with ease.

Onboarding New Team Members (2 hours)

In this session, leaders will review their current onboarding program and then build checklists that ensure a seamless transition into the new role for new employees. Managers will learn to make an impact in the first week to the first 30 days all the way into the 90-day probationary period, ensuring the new employee is the right one to invest in for the long-run.

Policies and Procedures (3 hours)

In this session, leaders will review their current policy and procedure manual and ensure they are following each section as managers. In addition, they will discuss and learn why certain policies have been included as their set of rules and build out an additional policies and procedures that would allow for more consistent management.

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Course Curriculum.

Performance Management (5 hours)

In this session, leaders and managers will build a consistent performance management system that allows for organic conversations and tracking throughout the year. They will commit to feedback that is both rewarding in terms of recognition as well as learn to give feedback that supports the growth and development of their people. This session will also cover the more formal discussions as it relates to performance and how to approach difficult issues with their team members, all the while being respectful yet documenting the issues in case performance is not remedied easily.

Compensation and Strategy (3 hours)

In this session, managers will learn how to approach the conversation of compensation as it is the intersection between personal and business worth. They will develop a strategy together that they can communicate to the rest of the team as to how and why compensation decisions are made with the entire organization. Compensation decisions as it relates to market competitiveness, recognition strategies and other forms of compensation will also be discussed to determine which best approach for their organization.

Succession Planning and Development (4 hours)

In this session, managers and leaders will learn about the 9-Box Rating Scale and develop training and development programs for their top performers. The development programs will help to retain the key members and focus the top talent on areas that will further support the organization.

Employee Separation (2 hours)

In this session, managers and leaders will work to understand their rights and obligations as a manager from a legal perspective. They will identify ways they can work within the legal limits and get the outcomes they want. They will build checklists together to ensure the separation is as seamless as the onboarding. This includes the right strategies towards exit interviews and exiting employees in general.

Employee Records and Analytics (2 hours)

In this session, managers and leaders will learn to look at the right analytics for the team to ensure they are constantly measuring their Human Resources program and outcomes. Everything from time to hire, what should be inside an HR file, all the way through to turnover statistics will be reviewed and determined if it is a stat that should be kept for their company.

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