Employers – if any of your team members are in self-isolation (for themselves or to care for another) and cannot work from home, and have exhausted their sick benefits, it’s EXTREMELY important that you complete their record of employment (ROE) for them ASAP.  If they have been directed by a health practitioner or have recently travelled, it would be coded as SICK. If they have are caring for another, it’s compassionate care and if they are electing to stay home (no one has directed them) it’s a leave of absence.


We wanted to know what it was like to apply for EI as we have several clients who have employees unable to #WFH (think retail, hospitality, construction or in the personal services industry).


Please note: The EI questions are a bit misleading at times but what’s clear is the need for an ROE from the employer to either provide a paper copy or online. Also to note: the first question is about a reference # that relates to a work share or group termination (as a result of a quarantine). It’s not a group termination if less than 50 employees. It also asks for a doctor’s note but you don’t actually have to submit it (so in this case, it won’t be needed).


We have built a “How to Apply for EI” for team members as we imagine this to be completely stressful for anyone involved. Tips for employers-coding the ROE included!


If you’d like a copy, click here.



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