HR for Start-Ups

We get it. After all. We were a start-up once too. The idea of bringing on new employees, changing the landscape of your baby and building a company people love inside and out is…well…scary.

That’s why we created our program for entrepreneurs called “HR for Start-Ups”. It’s a two-day immersive program into the world of people and culture designed specifically to get you set up and ready for your first hire (or help you to build a foundation for future hires if you already started down the path).

Each participant will leave with:

1) Employment Agreement Template customized to the organization

2) Contractor Agreement Template (and know when to use which template for each situation they encounter)

3) Employee handbook template customized to your business

4) Performance management strategy

5) Compensation strategy and program

6) Health and safety pointers to stay compliant

7) Terminations letter template for cause, without cause and probationary termination letters

8) Employer value proposition

9) Recruitment strategy and process

10) Values based interview questions customized

11) Leadership profile that helps you understand the type of leader you are, so you hire people to compliment you!


Class size: Maximum 12 participants

Investment: $1,500 + GST per participant


Training dates: 

May 25 and May 26, 2019

From 9 am until 4 pm


June 22 and June 23, 2019

From 9 am until 4 pm


July 27 and July 28, 2019

From 9 am until 4 pm



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