Yup – even we are getting on the prediction band wagon. We’re not afraid to put ourselves out there (well, maybe a little…). We’d love to say that one of our predictions is that we will be able to change the perception of HR, but we’re pretty certain that’s more than a year away (but it’s coming…mark our words…it’s coming!)


Okay – enough with the stalling – here are our predictions!


Recruitment – While the “war” for talent is not expected to reach the same levels as 2006/2007, the battle for A-Grade talent is as fierce as ever.  The thing is, great employees (no matter what the economy is) are always needed in any organization.  We know from 2011, that the hunt for great talent is on the rise in 2012 (so this is an easy prediction).  Employers will need to ensure that they are set up to attract the talent they desire.  Adopting a mindset of constant recruiting is essential; building the process in to the culture is going to be the challenge for organizations and those that get that, will have a much easier time in the hiring process.


Social media in the office – According to a recent survey of HR Professionals, 80% of them said they were using social media to help advertise openings.  That said, it’s a bit hypocritical to keep social media locked down in the organization if they are using it to promote the positions.  Our prediction is that HR is going to re-write their positions on social media, identify ways they can help managers manage their employees without having to lock social media down for all employees, and address their policy and procedure manuals accordingly.  If employers believe that their employees are truly walking billboards they need to allow them to use social media to reach out to their networks. And yes – this can happen all on work time! The key will be learning how to manage results rather than worrying about how much time an employee spends on Facebook (and yes, we predict this to be a major struggle for a mediocre manager.)


A stronger focus on employment branding – If organizations are going to need to recruit the best, they are going to have to build their employment brand so they can attract the best.  We work with several companies that are so awesome, and yet no one has heard of them.  If companies have a great product they sell, they certainly don’t keep it a secret, so why keep the way they treat their employees a secret?  Youtube-ing videos that showcase the company’s culture, Facebook-ing pictures of company events, Tweeting achievements and getting all employees involved will help attract the talent organization’s need! We love it when we get resumes from people who want to work for us because our company just seems “fun”.  We predict more and more companies will get this and you’ll see a lot more coming from organizations of all sizes to help build the brand.


Training and Development Training and development is something that many organizations struggle with, both in terms of time and money.  Leveraging social media or sites like udemy.com, companies have the potential to be creative with how they deliver courses, on time frames and budgets that work for any business. Another opportunity for companies is to record in-house training with a small flip-cam and quickly put it up on the internal portal for employees to view.  Questions can be answered in real time, by following a similar process that you see on blogs like this.  Development is a key to engagement and retention – time and money won’t be as big of an excuse in 2012.

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