May 1, 2018 we got ourselves an Intern. We probably should stop calling her that since the STEP Program says she’s supposed to be called a Summer Student. Plus she isn’t relegated to demeaning tasks. She actually has a pretty legitimate job (and has been killing it for the last month too!) 

Here’s a look at Paola’s first week with us (and yeah, we know this is a month late…but better late than never!)

My First Week

By: Paola Castillo

Currently I am sitting at one of my favourite breweries in town, because dogs are allowed and they have beer which also happens to be my favourite colour. However, not only has my hand grazed three pups, but I am blogging about the first week of my Summer 2018 internship with a cold beer in my hand (and getting paid to do it…and yes, this is a REAL job!)

That said, Elevated is not typical. To give you some context I will begin by describing the Elevated Home. I pulled into the garage and used a fob to get into our cozy office. And for the first time ever, I realized that I love working with other women. The office is actually warm. Not once have I thought about messing with the thermostat or bringing in an oversized fleece blanket. As the day went on, I learned the ins and outs of Elevated. By this I mean Elevated has a document called the “Ins and Outs of Elevated HR”, which facilitates onboarding and makes the rookies feel welcome. In addition to reading onboarding documents, I also posted my first job description, messed around with new software and attended my very first team meeting.

I officially love office meetings. Haven’t heard that before, have you? Well, the thing is Elevated walks the talk. When they say they focus on employee experience, they really mean it. Now, I know it isn’t dainty and delicate to brag. However, what is dainty and delicate is the Tiffany’s bracelet adorning my wrist as I type this blog. As I eagerly received the little Tiffany blue bag, Michelle B. explained the tradition. Each girl who joined the team, received the bracelet. Now, I know presents are amazing and all, but the feeling of belonging is better, and this gift was both. The bracelet was more than a welcome. It was a “you are one of us” and a “we value you”. It was a mutual agreement between both parties, because part of engaging in positive employee experiences goes hand in hand with being (or in this case promising to be) an outstanding employee. At that moment, I began to understand how Elevated wants our clients and their employees to feel, as well as the work that would entail being an Employee Experience Intern. By the end of my first day, I left enthusiastic and eager to see what the summer would bring about.

Elevated’s love for HR and marketing wrapped up into what is the Elevated Experience has inspired me to document my summer with Elevated. To follow me throughout the summer give @paoc.p (That’s me!!) a follow on the IG. I’ve created a Highlight Reel for moments at Elevated, where I will post the good, the bad and the ugly. The reason I want to share this part of my life with you is to cherish the journey. Most importantly, I want the YYC community to witness some kick-ass girl power as we, at Elevated, work to deliver some seriously elevated employee experiences throughout various industries in town.


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