By: Michelle Berg

One of my most deepest, most rooted values is connection. When I am living my full definition of success, connection shows up consistently. And it is the value that I keep most guarded as well. I rarely connect with someone until I can completely trust them; and yet oddly enough it is the thing that I yearn for the most.


I have never been shy about my struggle with mental health. I have been in and out of therapy most of my adult life trying to heal old battle wounds and understand why my armour let me down in the past. I have always believed in talking about it and owning it, so that people who aren’t struggling in the same way can see that mental health issues come in all shapes and forms.


Regularly, I disconnect to re-connect.  I find I need to disappear with myself and my laptop to feel like I can gain control again.  I do all the things to feel and get centred so that I can show up for those that need me most – my family and my team. But it took a while to figure out this was what was good for me and what I needed to feel and be myself.


I still remember the first time I reached out to the Calgary Counselling Centre. It was National Depression Week and I saw a post from a friend’s wife which encouraged me to do the depression screening test they had online. This was just after my daughter was born, and I realized these thoughts I was having were becoming more present.


It was that test that made it real for me and I realized I couldn’t keep going down this path without unintended consequences.  During this time, I also learned more about the Calgary Counselling Centre and how their mandate is to ensure that regardless of income, people can have access to affordable treatment. I am fortunate – I have great benefits and financial stability – but there are so many more people who need support but do not have the means to do so.


That’s why for January, in order to support the #BellLetsTalk movement as well as make sure funds stay in our province, Elevated has chosen the Calgary Counselling Centre as our charity of choice. They have a neat program called commUNITY where a $125 donation goes toward supporting mental health services. As part of the initiative a vinyl tile with each of our team members names will appear on a commUNITY tile wall, located at the Kahanoff Centre to show our support for all those that are brave enough to look for and get help.


As a team, we are so thankful organizations like this exist and hope you’ll join us in ensuring all children, youth, individuals, couples and family can access the mental health services they need.


To learn more about the program go to:


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