This past Thursday (May 9, 2019) we had one of our biggest Disrupt HR events in the history of Calgary. The venue was off the charts, the variety in people attending was magical and the topics covered were incredibly diverse. The feedback and reports continue to come in, and we as organizers know it was a huge success. A tell-tale sign? We’re getting a ton of people wanting to know how they can take part in the next one!

So, while it’s fresh, we figured we’d put out a list of hot tips when considering an application to speak:


  1. Your topic HAS to be disruptive. Don’t just send in a one liner about what the topic would be. This is not the time to be discreet or using the element of surprise. We’re not going to put you on stage if you don’t convince us you are disruptive. (Also know it doesn’t mean we have to agree with you; we do indeed like controversial!)
  2. If there is a HINT of sales in your submission you will be automatically ousted. You might be awesome and we might want to work with you down the road as a practitioner, but this is not the time to do business development. We don’t care what your patented process is.
  3. You better know how to put a presentation together (hint: use more pictures than words).
  4. You better be committed to practice. Like a lot.
  5. You may get teased. We tease because it shows you we care. But if you haven’t practiced, that teasing may get in your head. To repeat ourselves, see tip #4.
  6. Some Disrupt HR events permit “booing”. While we feel that’s a bit over the top, we may change our mind one day. See tip #4.
  7. Your presentation is due 7 days before show time. We’d suggest you put it together 28 days before showtime, practice for 3 weeks and then send it in. This supports tip #4.


The thing to remember is that getting up on that 5 minute, 20 seconds a slide stage is that it’s definitely no joke. Don’t just think because you are a speaker this will be a slam dunk.


It’s definitely not.


Still think you should apply? We’ll ask for submissions in September! #staytuned

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