Lauren (left) and Alexandra (right) are Elevated’s two new interns for 2019!

Alexandra Chern and Lauren Myketyn are the latest new hires for the Elevated Team in 2019!  Today mark’s Week 1 of their journey this summer. We are excited to showcase their experience throughout the summer and diving into their own ideas about work and employee experience!




Lauren’s Story

The first day at a new job is always a nerving time; going into an unknown area with new people can be intimidating.

By my experience?  Well,  an office job was something completely new to me and had me feeling all sorts of feels, and I was definitely feeling the jitters. I even arrived way too early because of them!

Now, let me give you a bit of a background on myself; I’ve worked in a lot of male dominated industries over the past 7 years of working and living life, from playing hockey to working in law enforcement. Walking into an office with 8 women who are successful and driven was completely different; and something I quite enjoyed!

The day started off with a few introductions, lots of paper work, and some fun “initiation’ games to bring myself and the other intern, Alex, as a  welcoming into the Elevated team. Onboarding was a blast, tons of laughs and some new inside jokes about heading off to Shanks for a party of one to practice my golfing skills.

An information overload took place throughout my first week, but to be completely honest, I don’t think I would have it any other way. I’ve always been someone who loves to learn new things and think outside the box in relation to building my career and network. I got to look at all the different applications and have started a candidate search for a couple different positions within a company. It has been a blast of a week so far, and it’s only been 3 days!

The first day seemed to go so fast it’s almost a blur, but as I reflect back on the amazing opportunity I have been given, I remember that all the stars have aligned in order for me to be a part of the Elevated family. Each lady that joins Elevated is gifted with the cutest and daintiest Tiffany Bracelet with a blue heart, a surprise from each current member of Elevated to let us know that we are welcome with open arms. For an introduction to the team I got to be a part of my very first team meeting, a little overwhelming but neat to see how everyone’s role intertwines with each other and compliments one another.

As someone who loves to laugh, and crack the odd joke or two, I think the next 4 months are going to be a blast, I can’t wait to see what is to come next for me and Elevated. Stay tuned for plenty more blogs coming at you from the Intern office at Elevated!

Alexandra’s Story

It’s almost surreal to be writing my first blog post for Elevated. As one of two new additions of #teamelevated, I could just pinch myself when I look back at my journey.

I was a lady who needed a plan. I was in school during the winter semester and itching for a new challenge to throw myself at. I  dove right into HR when I got my socks knocked off by a professor. I knew I needed to network to find that right fit with a company that would allow me to face a challenge and take off. That’s when I found Michelle. Her story behind Elevated was inspiring and you can see her D(rive) from miles away (#insidejoke). I knew she would be the one to show me the good, the bad, and the very ugly, and how to elevate from there (pun intended).

The First Day

Have you ever walked into your first day and found yourself drowning in a sea of papers and policies and you let that yawn crack before lunch even hits? Not at Elevated. What I took away from Day 1 is that this place isn’t your typical “office”.  No yawn in sight! The onboarding was stress-free and we never had a dull moment. That said, we received our “policies” aptly named the “Ins and Outs” prior to starting so I was ready for whatever curve ball would be thrown at me.

To start the morning off, we were fully immersed in the Elevated routine beginning with a team meeting. A temperature check and goal setting for each team member kicked off the session. According to Elevated tradition, myself and the other intern, Lauren, were presented the most beautiful Tiffany’s bracelet as a welcome to the team. Not only was I floored, I knew I was now part of the family. That blue heart dangling around my wrist represents our commitment to each other and how we are linked together as a unit. This is my oath to the team.

Lunch was kicked off with the “Intern Games” which was a great way for the team to bond, connect and to let some of my personality and strategies shine through.  Day 1 came to a wrap by working on my first assigned deliverable.

I so badly wished the time would tick a little slower just so I could cherish this day a little more. I felt like a little girl at the candy shop, eager to explore every nook and cranny full of HR goodies. I can’t wait to learn some more tips and tricks of the trade and discover the savvy secret to their pristine organization and comprehensible systems.

The End of Week 1

What a relief to be given the trust and space to dive right into deliverables and prove my worth to the team.  The rest of the week has been full of learning and interacting. I really feel so cozy and comfortable here already. I’ve already started to work on recruiting, job postings, getting a feel for the tech and systems used, and always finding ways to interact and bond with the team. As I finish up the week, I’m sitting here full of gratitude for this amazing opportunity and eager to learn as I elevate out of my cocoon.

As I’m still dipping my toes into Elevated, I can’t wait to share my progress and reflect on this journey through time capsules.

And to the Ladies of Elevated – “Cheers!” All of you are inspirational and will be my motivators for our time together.




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