Alexandra and Lauren continue to navigate their way through the world of Elevated. From hosting events to being asked to listen to podcasts and more, read on about their latest adventures! We’ve been doing our best at exposing them to all parts of the business! 





Alexandra’s Update:


It seems like I started yesterday…. but now I’ve been utilizing everything from A-dobe to Z-iprecruiter. I’ve been driving like a mad-woman taking in everything in sight.  I’ve had the opportunity to wear so many hats, and I have yet to determine which one I prefer. Working in an internship at Elevated has allowed me to spread my wings far and take on all things within my capacity.  Some “real world” experience that is under my wings is recruitment, screening, job postings, a DisruptHR event, employee record keeping, exploring super cool software that makes our lives blissful (aka a new Applicant Tracking System – halleluiah), assessments, officially wrote my first ever blog post for Elevated (here’s to numero 2), and learning a heck of a lot about myself in this process and through this experience.

Integrating Alex:

What I really admire about this whole experience is that it exposed the way I thought I saw myself in the environment and started the tough process of identifying where I exert more confidence and how I behave on my own and in a team.  It’s about finding equanimity (mental calmness and composure) for me. One of the ways Elevated shows that they believe in me and my success is through time capsules. This is where I can really get down to the nitty gritty and start to make those tweaks and get the recognition and reward. I can say that through this exercise alone I have made improvements in my communication, I am becoming more aware of what is really going to get my going and what is going to do that exact opposite. Understanding my superpowers as well as taking care of “Stressed-out Alex!”.

Unleashing my inner donkey

I know that I change just as much as the weather here in Calgary. I’ll continue to craft purposes as I continue this adventure. On May 9th we were asked to attend (and volunteer at) DisruptHR. One of the talks that struck me was by Laurie Bennett. I gained a new insight on working conditions and environments. It isn’t just about the perks, it’s about how it engages and creates culture. Culture was put into perspective through the metaphor of a unicorn and a donkey and rather than me describe what I learned, I’ll let you watch the video for yourself! It’s a must see!

Lauren’s Update:

I’ve got just about 3 weeks under my belt here at Elevated and let me tell you, I have never felt more at home than I do now. I’m beginning to make friendships and interact with people who have started to leave a big impression on me and my experience here at Elevated. Coming into the office every day is like coming into my second home, which makes it a lot easier when you’re not feeling 100%. With only 3 weeks into the 16-week STEP internship program, I grow more excited every day to see what else Elevated has in store for us.


This week we were tasked with listening to the Podcast “Radical Candor: Ep: 8 How to give feedback to your Boss“. As stated in the podcast, giving feedback to your boss can be scary because you don’t know what is going to come of it.  Feedback is one of the most important things that someone can benefit from. Whether it be positive or even constructive criticism, it is always something that can be taken and turned into a learning experience if you allow it.

Disrupt HR

With the Disrupt HR event at the Central Library (holy moly is that building’s architecture ever beautiful) it really gave insight into all the different companies and organizations that can be hesitant to implementing HR into their businesses.  One thing from this event that really stood out to me was how well it was put together in the sense that there was a CEO panel in the middle that gave the audience a chance to ask all questions they may have. It was neat to see a company called Glacier that was reluctant to implement any HR into their company and explain why.  They came at HR really uniquely. For example, Glacier did not have any Maternity/Paternity Leave in place until one of their team members became pregnant and they allowed her to create the policy (within reason of course). Not only had I never heard of that before, but it made a lot of sense to include the employee in the making of the policies!


One thing I have noticed about myself, is that I love to get up, move around and chat. So naturally, one thing I am struggling with is sitting at a desk and staying occupied with working on things and staying engaged long enough to complete the task. Coming to work at the beginning of the week seemed like the ultra-struggle and I can’t quite put my finger on why. So, on Tuesday I concluded that I needed to go for a nice walk outside (weather permitting of course) to get some fresh air and just relax, away from the hustle and bustle of the work itself. This has not only increased my productivity over the week, but also has given me something to look forward to in a day since we have finally been getting the summer temperatures (fingers crossed, they stick around!)


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