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We re-imagine what HR can and should be. It’s not just about policies and procedures, payroll and benefits or recruitment. It’s about understanding the legacy you want to create for yourself and your team. We don’t just walk the walk; we talk the talk.

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In this white paper, we share 10 innovative ways to influence your employee experiences taking into consideration cost efficiencies. Hint: It starts with you!

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Introducing Audrey Schmidt – The Newest Member of the Elevated Team

Audrey opening up her Tiffany's bracelet that all new employee's receive as a "Welcome" gift!

Audrey opening up her Tiffany’s bracelet that all new employee’s receive as a “Welcome” gift!

By: Audrey Schmidt

It’s been 27 years since my last orientation.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been part of the delivery of orientations as I added new members to my team, but in 27 years I have not had to start over again from square one.  Sure, I was afforded many opportunities to learn and be promoted at Manitoba Hydro but the stability of the same company never made it feel that different.

So here I am. “Old” enough to retire (based on tenure) but definitely not ready to.  I’m working remotely and in another time zone. And did I mention I’m Michelle’s mom?  Sounds like quite the experiment doesn’t it?

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The Friends and Family Hiring Plan

focus-bigpic-familyfriends-2colAt Elevated, we tend to work with a lot of companies that have family members and/or good friends working inside the organization.  When I was an HR executive I would have fought hard against nepotism but as a business owner – I get it. I totally get it. I’ve done it. I’ve totally failed at it…and I’m definitely going to do it again.


So why do business owners hire friends and family?


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