Leadership Essentials Training.

Leaders are made, not born

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Leadership Training Overview.

The Leadership Essentials training is an experiential and interactive 21-hour program designed to help build a solid foundation to increase communication and understanding between leaders and their teams. Each course is designed to be innovative and fresh, providing real solutions to real workplace situations without the boring data that we have all heard before.

The premise of this certificate is simple: In theory everything works. But it’s the implementation and follow through that actually matters. You can google many ways to be a better leader, but the question is… how do you actually do it and what are tried and true methods that actually work?

Total Training Hours: 21

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Leadership Course Curriculum.

The management courses will cover the following curriculum for being a genuine leader in today’s workplace:

  1. Principles of Leadership
    • Employee experience is a leader’s responsibility
    • An introduction to an ownership mindset
    • Exploring trust as a leader
    • Understanding your impact of presence
  2. Conflict Happens: Using Communication Styles and Preferences to Your Advantage
    • Exploring root cause of conflict: triggers
    • Understanding differences in communication styles
    • Practice using various conflict resolution techniques and mediation approaches
  3. Building a Culture You Can Be Proud Of
    • Emphasize employee well-being and psychological safety
    • Building a growth mindset culture (aka change management tips you can rely on)
    • Learn to recognize and reward positive behaviours
  4. Accountability and Consequences
    • How to set clear expectations
    • Learn how to give and receive feedback through a framework of support
    • Identify root causes
    • Build a coaching mindset
  5. Vulnerability, Emotional Intelligence and Harnessing the Ego
    • Vulnerability in Leadership
    • Emotional Intelligent Leadership
    • Exploring the ego and how to harness it for good rather than protection
  6. Time Discipline and Delegation
    • Exploring ways to achieve a disciplined mindset as it comes to time management
    • Understanding Mental Health, Overwhelm and Burnout
    • Effective Delegation (including managing up, side to side and to other peers)
  7. Introduction to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion as a Leader
    • Understanding Bias
    • Exploring Privilege and Power
    • A Leader’s Role in DEI Initiatives
    • Building a Place of Workplace Respect
  8. Build a Team of High Performers
    • Understanding and embracing employer brand
    • Learn techniques on how to assess and hire top performers
    • Understand the path to terminating team members
    • Explore how you have the power to retain top performers
  9. Practicing Leadership Presence
    • Final presentation demonstrating leadership presence
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Instruction Fees.

Management courses fees:

$3,000 per participant plus GST

Fees include Textbooks, Software, and Other Required Materials
Elevated HR Solutions will provide any required training materials at no additional cost to participants.

By utilizing the Canada-Alberta Job Grant, you may be able to receive reimbursement of up to 66%, but you will need to pay the full cost upfront once the grant is approved. Participants must also be eligible trainees for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant.

Leadership Training Delivery Method: Remote Learning

This course is delivered in a remote learning environment where participants are immersed in the concepts from start to finish; experiential programs are put in place through distance learning.

Instructor Details
This course will be facilitated by leadership coach Renee Groenland.

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“This course has changed the way I show up every day as a leader in our organization.”

Negotiated $Xk raise as part of promotion. Grateful for leadership training with Elevated; improved communication skills made it easier to state my value and negotiate higher pay.”

I want to give feedback here but I’m having a hard time – compared to other leadership courses I’ve taken, this was the best.”

“Thank you Renee Groenland for facilitating an amazing Leadership Essentials course. This 8-week program dug in beyond the surface, with core lessons and guiding principles I will walk away with and lean on for the rest of my career. “