Health & Wellness.

The safety of your employees has never been more important.

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Man walking to work.
Woman wearing a mask while working in the office.

Remote work still needs to be safe work.

Whether it’s pandemic related, day-to-day ergonomics or creating a culture that supports psychological wellness, we can support your organization with cutting edge strategies that set your organization apart.

We offer:

  • Wellness check-ins
  • Ergonomics assessments
  • Remote work hazard assessments
  • Occupational Health & Safety policy reviews and updates
  • Training programs for teams and managers
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Wellness Champions.

We believe in supporting team members to talk about wellness as a whole from physical wellbeing to mental health. And more importantly, we’ve seen that addressing these issues at work, increases productivity by 12%.

We can help managers and employees to:

  • Build a foundation of trust to talk about mental health
  • Identify signs of burn out in ourselves and others
  • Provide tips and ideas on what to say to someone when they disclose they are struggling
  • Build programs that encourage both physical and mental wellbeing