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This week you might have seen a trend going around called #ShowUsYourLeave. Our organization went through an overhaul of benefits at the beginning of the year to be more inclusive and flexible. Zabin Javadji is our Senior HR Business Partner and shares her thoughts on what it takes to build a trusting culture.

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January HR Checklist.

Each year, your HR practice can conduct a quick self-assessment identifying some quick wins and tweaks to make to your HR program and assets. The following list will hopefully provide some quick inspiration.

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Happy 2022!

Each year at Elevated we set goals - but even though goals feel good to achieve, it has left us feeling "empty". This year, we're setting an intention instead: to have way more fun!

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Onboarding in a Pandemic.

In May we welcomed Jill Greschner to the team at Elevated. As part of the onboarding process, we ask our new team members to write about their experiences. Let's just say onboarding during a pandemic is certainly not the same.

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Writing notes during a 1:1 coaching session.

Leadership Development is Experiential.

We run an experiential course over the period of 8 to 9 weeks, and the growth is always extraordinary. I see the impact each time, and I know our graduates have the foundations to show up as a great leader. Leading means making a conscious choice about your intentions AND your impact... You can learn frameworks and fundamentals, but they will only make a positive impact if the person chooses to implement the knowledge.

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It’s Panic after the Pandemic!

In Alberta, life opens up in four(ish) weeks. And while I am so happy for our friends that own gyms, our friends in the travel and hospitality business, our friends that need people to be out and about to make a living…I can’t help but be a bit nervous. So where to begin to help with easing others fears who may be feeling the same way? I might be a broken record, but it’s using transparent communication. Don’t have time to communicate; make time.

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Saying Goodbye – An Employee Experience that Still Matters.

As many of you know, Abby Tiangco left Elevated to join the ranks of MasterBUILT Hotels heading up their HR now internally.  Abby was with our team for almost 8 years and MBH has been a valued client for as long as Abby has been a team member, so it only made sense to all of us to see that relationship continue to grow as Abby transitions to full-time with their team. 

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