Random thoughts, ideas on where people and culture programming is going next.

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Candidate Expectations When They are in The Driver’s Seat

In my role as a Talent Acquisition Specialist at Elevated, I help our clients find new team members to join their team. While I’m not a headhunter, and we don’t have a bench of people or connections, just waiting for jobs, I make it easier for clients by handling the job postings, the screening, the manual uploading to various ATS technologies when technologies decide they don’t work together, phone interviews, references, and background checks.

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Leading Young Professionals “Post-Pandemic”.

And yes – regardless of the above, as society somewhat returns to “normal”,  my peers and I are indeed looking for organizations and leaders who demonstrate flexibility, are values and mission-driven, and have the heart to grow and develop the next generation of leaders.

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The Boomerang Employee.

Maybe quitting wasn’t the answer after all? This experience made me realize that career wise, I had everything I wanted and more working at Elevated. The phrase “Hindsight is 20/20” has never been more fitting and smacked me in the face.

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Compensation conversations have never been so difficult as they are right now. During normal inflation periods, we normally see cut-backs, lay-offs and hiring freezes. But up until June, we were seeing salaries being paid at records heights, with flexibility and autonomy being part of the compensation package.

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This week you might have seen a trend going around called #ShowUsYourLeave. Our organization went through an overhaul of benefits at the beginning of the year to be more inclusive and flexible. Zabin Javadji is our Senior HR Business Partner and shares her thoughts on what it takes to build a trusting culture.

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January HR Checklist.

Each year, your HR practice can conduct a quick self-assessment identifying some quick wins and tweaks to make to your HR program and assets. The following list will hopefully provide some quick inspiration.

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