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2019: The Year of Goal Setting Phobia??

While it’s probably been brewing for a while now, this is the first year I’ve noticed such a hate on for New Year’s resolutions or goal setting. So much so, that I might dare say it’s been a “trend”. A trend I intend to buck.


Here’s my stance: Goals and resolutions are not stupid. To me this is about the same non-sense and infatuation that our culture seems to have with failing. That everyone needs to fail to move forward. To me, that’s garbage. Do people fail every day? Yes. Do people see failure the same way? No.  Sure – you need to learn from mistakes, learn how to pivot and show resiliency. But stop romanticizing failure. Failure completely and utterly sucks. And I’m tired of it being seen as an excuse – which is exactly what this looks like too – I literally just finished a blog that says, “Don’t set goals, they make you less successful.” That reads like an excuse.

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Christmas Resume Campaign 2018

By: Michelle Berg

Every year at Elevated we typically choose a non-profit or charity and give back to the community who has given us so much. This year something felt off to just choose one. After all, we’ve been part of over 500 layoffs (the tough part of being in Human Resources) this year and knew we needed to do something more.


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