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We re-imagine what HR can and should be. It’s not just about policies and procedures, payroll and benefits or recruitment. It’s about understanding the legacy you want to create for yourself and your team. We don’t just walk the walk; we talk the talk.

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While we’d love to have you as a client, we also believe that you can improve your people programs without spending a dime.

In this white paper, we share 10 innovative ways to influence your employee experiences taking into consideration cost efficiencies. Hint: It starts with you!

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Christmas Resume Campaign 2018

By: Michelle Berg

Every year at Elevated we typically choose a non-profit or charity and give back to the community who has given us so much. This year something felt off to just choose one. After all, we’ve been part of over 500 layoffs (the tough part of being in Human Resources) this year and knew we needed to do something more.


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5 People and Culture Themes from 2018

Every month, we look back at our to-do lists, client wins as well as lessons learned. As we begin to wrap up 2018 with our clients and our team members, we started to notice a few themes and/or trends pop up along the way from 2018.  In no particular order the 5 People and Culture Themes from 2018 include…

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