Happy 2022!

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With every new year, I wake up with a renewed sense of hope, light, and an openness to possibilities. There is a desire to be better and do better; for myself, my team, our clients, and their employees.

Normally we set goals or resolutions, as individuals and as a team. And while this year we are still setting goals (it’s tied to our compensation strategy, so it’s important we do), this year we started with an¬†intention.¬† We’re bringing FUN back (sung to the tune of SexyBack by JT, but you know, HR appropriate) – and the key ingredient is US. WE have to do it rather than wait for someone to do it for us.

So where did the fun go? Well – our ego got in the way. We were so worried about not being taken seriously, someone disagreeing with us, or the absolute worst, being canceled that we lost who we were (especially from an online presence). But this lead to not having fun internally too, our ideas weren’t what they used to be, our creativity was no longer derived from a place of risk, and our messaging became lackluster¬†– and I mean, if it’s not on the gram, did it even happen?!?

So here we are – knowing that fun, lightness, giggles and just being ridiculous at times while still maintaining a sense of professionalism and decorum for our clients can be achieved.

So be prepared for some silliness, some lightness, and ok, if we keep figuring out how to do TikToks/reels, perhaps some cringe-worthy moments too. If you follow us on social (@elevatedhr pretty much everywhere) you’ll see more from our team members as we showcase everyday life at Elevated, our group excursions (whether online or in-person), our ideas, and our events.

Hello 2022 – we can’t wait to have fun with you!