Leading a Business during a pandemic.

In the midst of a pandemic, now is the time for professional development and to elevate your team during this time of change.

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We can all agree that the world of work has had a major shift locally and globally. We have received requests from those businesses that have not been deemed an essential service, and are looking for productivity ideas for team members working at home. Here are some recommendations to consider:

  • Update your Standard Operating Procedures. We all have complained that there is just not enough time to work on the business, when there is so much to do in the business. Have your team review the standard operating procedures to make changes, additions or deletions that are no longer relevant. Having a clean and crisp copy of how you do your work will shorten the onboarding times when re-hiring and training new team members.
  • Create a Video “University” on all the “how to’s”. People are embracing new technology faster than ever these past few weeks. Even my grandmother has become a Zoom aficionado. Pick a platform and engage your team in providing content – both on and off the camera. This project too, will help shorten onboarding new team members, as well as give seasoned team members a refresh on what the business is all about.

Take a Course. There are webinars popping up all over for bite sized training options. Learn a new technical skill that can broaden your contributions to the team. The soft skills of leadership is one that we have found has been in acute demand these past few weeks. Take the time now, to broaden your leadership scope, no matter what level of the organization you work. At Elevated, we have services and courses available for leaders like you to develop these skills. Find out more info on our Elevated Wellness services here

We get it, when there is so much new, so much change, rising to yet another challenge can seem daunting. We’ve found that when you take the time to focus your efforts into your own development, it won’t be just you that benefits, but your team, and your company. When we get to our new normal, we believe that we will be stronger as leaders, as employees, as humans. If you need more tips on how to stay healthy while working from home, check out our previous blog where we provide some strategies!


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