Elevated’s Next Fundraising Challenge: June Dresses

By: Carrie Beckett


I stumbled upon #junedresses on Instagram a couple days ago when I was riding the bus to work and doing my usual mindless scroll of pictures.  If you haven’t heard, June Dresses is a month-long, peer-to-peer fundraising campaign for women, where participants pledge to make a difference by wearing a dress each day in June (and was started in Alberta!!). Their efforts have raised over $90,000 and awareness for women-focused initiatives run by local charities in Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta.

One of the women-focused initiatives to choose to support is Making Changes. Elevated HR has worked with Making Changes since we began – providing donations to the Walk-In Closet program as well as speaking quarterly at the Employment and Life Skills sessions.

While it was easy to convince the team to jump on the initiative (we love our charities), I found their initial comments amusing:

  • ‘but I don’t have a lot of dresses to wear’
  • ‘do nightgowns count?’
  • ‘my knees look funny in dresses…I need to exercise first’
  • ‘this will be tough – I’ve taken a vow of not spending money on clothes and now I want to spend money on dresses!’

How this works is simple: we wear dresses all month long and ask for donations to the cause. We’ve set up a nifty page that makes it simple – check it out here: Elevated HR June Dresses.  And internally, we’ve made it even a bit more challenging!  Anyone who does not wear a dress on a day in June has to put $5 in the fundraising pot. Given how competitive we are, this may not be an issue…or depending on how cold it is, you can almost guarantee a donation or 6 from Kat and Abby!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter  for pictures of our ladies looking beautiful, feminine and yet, extremely empowered in their #junedresses!

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Managing Stress


By: Courtney Larsen


April was Stress Awareness month.  And it happens to have been one of my own most stressful months (this blog, for example was supposed to be up in April!) That said, the month provided many opportunities for growth!

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First Disrupt HR Hits Calgary

By: Saira Gangji


About last night…thanks to everyone who made last night’s FIRST DisruptHR YYC Speaker Series a smashing success!


Here’s a rundown of our AWESOME speakers and their topics.

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Throw Back Thursday – Elevated Wins a Team Excellence Award

By: Carrie Beckett

In case you missed it, we won the ‘Award of Excellence – Team’ from the Human Resources Institute of Alberta (read about the HRIA here)  on April 21, 2016!

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Taking Time Off for…Menstrual Leave?!

By: Abby Tiangco

DISCLAIMER: If you are uncomfortable with the subject of menstrual cycles, you may not want to continue reading.

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