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    Throw Back Thursday – Elevated Wins a Team Excellence Award

        By: Carrie Beckett   In case you missed it, we won the ‘Award of Excellence – Team’ from the Human Resources Institute of Alberta (read about the HRIA here)  on April 21, 2016!   This year has been such an outstanding year so far for Team Elevated. Earlier on,  Michelle won the Notable […]

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    Taking Time Off for…Menstrual Leave?!

      By: Abby Tiangco   DISCLAIMER: If you are uncomfortable with the subject of menstrual cycles, you may not want to continue reading.   It’s no secret that with menstruation comes cramps, bloating, tenderness, backaches, irritability and many other not-so-wonderful symptoms. I’ll admit – during that time, there is at least one day when I […]

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    Being Your Own Career Advocate

          By: Kathryn Sebesten   As human beings we are all creatures of habit. As a result, we tend to get stuck in our daily routines, jumping from one schedule to the next. For example, one of my core routines is my fitness plan. I diligently follow my fitness routine, yet I find […]

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    DisruptHR is coming to Calgary!

      By: Saira Gangji   dis·rupt   verb  dis·rupt   \dis-ˈrəpt\   to cause (something) to be unable to continue in the normal way, to interrupt the normal progress or activity of (something) to throw into disorder   I’ve got some exciting news to share with y’all!  The first DisruptHR speaker series is coming to Calgary!   Here’s […]

  • Tips for the Top 100 Employers

      By: Saira Gangji   Last week we attended an Information Session on the application process for winning a spot on the Canada’s Top 100 Employers list and here’s what we learned:   The Quick and Dirty   What is it?  The Canada’s Top 100 Employers project is a national competition to determine which employers lead their industries […]

  • Are you ready to handle harassment complaints?

      By: Carrie Beckett   If you have been following the news lately, you may have read an interesting story on the allegations of a previous female employee of Westjet allegedly being assaulted by a pilot. (Read about it Here)

  • Seeing the Opportunity

    By: Courtney Larsen   Opportunity: A set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.   Real opportunities are the ones we don’t immediately see, they come unexpectedly and sometimes at the wrong time. We are so distracted with our personal lives, technology and our own opinions that we don’t take the time to […]

  • Ted Talks We Love: Listening to Shame

    We absolutely loved her talk on vulnerability, so this talk was naturally a good next. ‘ Vulnerability is the birthplace of innovation, creativity and change ’… Learning and understanding more about the relationship of ‘shame’ and how it impacts us makes for a strong leader.  After watching this, we really resonate with the idea that […]

  • Taking the Leap

    By: Abigail Tiangco   I don’t know if anyone has taken note of this, but 2016 has 366 days. There was one every four years prior to 2016, and there will also be one every four years to follow. Are there any potential perks of having an extra day in a year? Well, some cool […]

  • Notable Awards

      By: Kathryn Sebestan   If you are one of those people who dread business travel I’m sorry, but I can’t relate! Throughout my time at Elevated, I’ve had the pleasure of attending multiple team business trips. These trips have been focused around career and industry development. As a result, I’ve learned a lot about […]

  • Ted Talks We Love: Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

    After seeing this Ted Talk about good Leaders, Michelle made the decision to never let someone go for performance related issues.  It’s had a profound effect on our organization at Elevated which has lead to some very tough conversations; poor performance no longer has a home at Elevated.  We know that at Michelle’s core she’s […]

  • Mindfulness

          By: Carrie Beckett   I really don’t like not succeeding at something that I set out to do. I wouldn’t say I am competitive with anyone other then myself, so when I can’t ‘get’ something right away, I get pretty grumpy and usually end up wanting to quit.   Well, that was […]

  • Own it!

    By: Abigail Tiangco   Our leading lady Michelle recently planned a getaway to Hawaii this past month and despite being three hours behind, she has was quite active to ensure she was available to clients and her team. This isn’t a shock though. It’s actually quite typical for her to stay connected on vacation (and the rest […]

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    Notable Awards – National Competition

      By: Michelle Berg   I was standing in the line waiting to fly back to Calgary from Maui, when the email came in.  It read:                                     I had to read it three times before I could actually […]

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    The Importance Of Unplugging

      By: Carrie Beckett   I made a huge realization over the holidays… I really need some sort of time to be away from work. No- not just being out of the office, but actually away from my work. Our leading lady Michelle was generous enough to provide us that exact opportunity over Christmas break […]

  • New Year, New Job

    By: Kathryn Sebestan   I’ve been in recruitment for about 6 years and I can’t help but highlight the obvious trend I have noticed year after year. My observation is that once the December holiday season comes and goes, the resume floodgates open. The threat of the New Year becomes a reality and people are […]

  • Notable Awards – Our Very Own Michelle Has Been Nominated!

    We have some exciting news to share with you! Our very own Leading Lady, Michelle Berg, has been nominated for a Notable Award in the category of entrepreneurship. is the largest online publication for young Canadian professionals. They aim to connect young visionaries and trendsetters with like-minded people, products, parties and events. The Notable award […]

  • Working From Home

      By: Kathryn Sebesten   Working remotely is kind of like being stranded on a desert island. Except you’re able to wear PJ’s and slippers as opposed to a bikini and flip-flops. In my opinion it’s a blessing and a curse all wrapped in one pretty present with a big bow on top.

  • Ted Talks We Love: The Power Of Introverts

      Hey – we get it. Introverts are people too. Listen to this Ted Talk and see how to get the most out of introverts that work for you.  If it’s anything like Elevated, we certainly wouldn’t be the same without our resident Introverts!!   Watch below and then share your thoughts with us on […]

  • 5 Tips to Make Sure the Holidays are Truly Happy!

    The holidays are approaching and I can’t wait for our annual Christmas office closure! Two weeks to enjoy time with my family and friends, finish watching my PVR’d shows, catch up on some good reads (romance novels) and finally start my Christmas shopping. A fantastic two weeks to relax and recharge before the New Year.

  • Why Should Job-Seekers Consider Volunteering?

    I recently had a discussion with an outplacement client about the benefits of volunteering. The client didn’t have any volunteer experience and had never really thought about doing any charity work. Why? Because she didn’t have enough time!

  • New (ish) Girl

    By: Courtney Larsen   Hi! I’m Courtney, the new…ish girl at Elevated. But technically, I’m not new.. Here’s a little back-story.   I originally went to school for Nutrition and realized shortly after I graduated that it was not going to be something that I wanted to work in everyday, it was going to be more of […]

  • Ted Talks We Love: Hire the Scrapper over the Silver Spoon

      We know that all hiring managers create stories for themselves when reading a resume; and we believe that most of the time those stories are inaccurate…and yet at Elevated, we have a really hard time convincing the people we work with to look past the terrible resume. Don’t get us wrong, if the candidate […]

  • The Internship – Day 1

      By: Derek Prance   I want to start this blog off by thanking Michelle Berg, the Leading Lady at Elevated, for giving me the opportunity to work and learn. To the staff, thank you for putting up with my questions and taking the time from your days to help me out.   When I graduated […]

  • Stepping Up to the FitBit Challenge

      If you read our last post about the Fitbit Challenge, then you know we’ve implemented it here at Elevated. It’s been quite an exciting start to our health and wellness initiative, and there’s no sign of anyone stepping down anytime soon! Check out what each of us had to say about our experience so far in this competition.   […]

  • The Fitbit Challenge

        Lately we’ve been looking at innovative and proactive ways to enhance an employee’s health. Our core belief is that healthy employees tend to get more done, add more value to the organization over all, are more energized and therefore more exciting to work with as a team member.   The best part? It […]

  • The Plight of The “Hot Girl”

      So I’m sitting in a lounge listening to a story from a woman I just barely met. It takes everything in me not to rub my thumb and forefinger together and ask, “Do you know what this is? It’s the world’s smallest violin playing the world’s saddest song!”   You see the woman across […]


      By: Michelle Berg   If you’ve been following the news lately, you might have heard about the reporter who fought back against some sexually explicit language used by a Toronto FC Fan. Turns out, Shawn Simoes, an employee of Hyrdro One was let go because of his actions recorded by CityTV.   This of […]

  • The New Kid on the Block

        By: Carrie Beckett   How does one get a job with Elevated HR? Good question. For me, it was persistence. I remember seeing a non-traditional Elevated HR job ad several years ago and thought ‘hmm… this company is pretty cool’. From then on, I started following Michelle and the team on social media.  […]

  • Calgary Stampede and the Workplace

                After 10 days of the Calgary Stampede, I have to admit (like every year), I am “rodeo’d” out. It’s exhausting to keep up with the events, the fire works, the bands, the dancing, the outfits, the parades…and yes, the late nights and early mornings that begin with al-al-al–alcohol. From […]

  • Big vs. Small – Does Company Size Matter?

      By: Abigail Tiangco   Prior to working at Elevated, I held positions with larger, corporate companies with headcounts of over 1000 employees. I went from being a tiny blip on the map to being one of the showcased team members on the company website (and in the videos…check them out)!   Hands down, the […]

  • Contract Terminators – The Evil Side of What We Do

      By: Michelle Berg   I won’t lie. Being hired as a contract terminator is definitely the most draining part of our business. For the most part I don’t know these people I’m letting go. I simply show up, sit alongside the manager, who briefly describes the situation (falling gas prices is the reason du […]

  • 10 Easy Ways to use Instagram in HR

      By Guest Blogger: Russ Perry   Instagram isn’t just for hipster brands and cool kids – although there’s a lot of those out there! With the acquisition by Facebook in 2012 for $1 Billion dollars – the smartest minds in social media made a big statement that visual content is king.   Are you […]

  • Featured in the HR Reporter

      Check it out! We are proud to announce that Michelle was featured in the HR Reporter, speaking about our experience with 15five! You have to have a subscription to actually see the article, but here’s a fancy way to read it even if you don’t have a subscription! “The Demise of the Annual Review”

  • This Leading Lady has a Baby!

      By: Michelle Berg   Here’s a truth: running a successful business is hard. But holy eff is being a parent even harder. And combining the two – well…there are days when I don’t actually think it’s possible and I’m simply just going through the (e)motions.   This weekend marks the 3rd month since I […]

  • Training: It’s not as elusive as you think!

      September 3, 2014   By: Kathryn Sebesten   Personally, I concentrate best in quiet environments. I am not the person who listens to music while reading and running on a treadmill. (Seriously how is that even a THING?) So when I started at Elevated, I could have sworn that our open concept environment was […]

  • Confessions of an Intern: Mistakes Happen

      September 1, 2014   By: Dulcie Timmons   Let’s face it; we are human and we all make mistakes. On that note, being content with the mistakes I make is not okay. I know I must strive for improvement after determining where I went wrong. As hard as I try to avoid them they […]

  • Happy 4th Birthday, Elevated!

      By: Michelle Berg   Four years ago today I took what I thought was the biggest risk of my life to start my own business. I had no real plan other than a concept of providing affordable HR to small companies. I didn’t know if it would work and I didn’t even cash the […]

  • Tick Tock Baby Berg! Waiting for the Leading Lady to Pop!

      By: Abigail Tiangco, CHRP   Joy and excitement. Those were the emotions that ran through me when the Leading Lady of Elevated first shared the news of her pregnancy. She is first on our team to expand her family, so naturally this was a big deal!  Some of you may have read Michelle’s blog […]

  • When Performance Reviews Go RIGHT!

      By: Kathryn Sebesten   What would you rather do? Go to the dentist or sit through a performance review? Dentist? I thought so (or at least, I would have agreed with you until recently!)   I just completed my third performance review with The Leading Lady at Elevated and I have to admit that […]

  • This Leading Lady is About to Have A Baby

        By: Michelle Berg   Fear. I’ll be honest it was the first thought that went through my head when I found out I was pregnant. The second thought was, “That can’t be right.” I bought 3 more pregnancy tests to confirm it. Nothing changed. I was still pregnant.   The story isn’t typical […]

  • Giving Effective Performance Reviews

        By: Leah Androkovich   It’s the start of Q3 and at Elevated that means its Performance Review time. “Yay!” said no one ever. Regardless, I think they are necessary and present a valuable opportunity for managers to have meaningful dialogue with their employees around job expectations and suggestions for future performance. For employees, […]

  • My Turn as the Intern

      By: Dulcie Timmons   My first blog for Elevated…it’s a pretty big deal! For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the intern, or as Kat referred to, the “newbie” of the Elevated group. I joined the organization as an HR Intern, knowing that the appointment was temporary but providing me work experience […]

  • My top 3 “To Do’s” when you have a telephone interview with me

      By: Abigail Tiangco   As I’ve mentioned in past blogs, recruitment is a huge part of my role at Elevated HR. I’ve admitted to being judgemental (though I’ve denied it on several occasions), and I’ve expressed I look for nothing but best candidates for our clients (obviously). This may seem very one-sided where, but […]

  • Changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program

      By: Michelle Berg   Last Friday, Jason Kenney, Minister of Employment, Social Development & Multiculturalism, came out with new rules to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP). The most obvious and glaring issue at hand? Kenney (and whomever’s bright idea it was to draft this new policy) has obviously never run a business where […]

  • Welcoming a “Newbie”

      By: Kathryn Sebesten   It’s always an interesting time when a small business hires a new employee. Trust me I can relate. Even though we are an HR company, the Elevated team still finds themselves in a bit of a pickle when it comes to welcoming the “new gal”.  Let’s face it, there are […]

  • HR Nightmares

    By Leah Androkovich   June 13, 2014 – In honour of Friday the 13th AND the fact that it is a full moon, today’s blog is going to highlight some of the random and weird things we, as HR professionals, have had to deal with!  So prepare yourself, I’m sure a day like today will […]

  • My Top Three NO-NOs: What NOT to do During a Phone Interview

      By: Abigail Tiangco   I make a conscious effort to be non-judgemental. I try not to make a sour face when I see someone’s appearance is not to my liking. I try not to roll my eyes when I feel someone’s gestures are unacceptable.  And I definitely try not to shake my head or […]

  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program is Suspended for Restaurants

      By: Michelle Berg   Yesterday, Minister Jason Kenney announced that restaurants would be banned from accessing the Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFW Program).  It was a surprise moratorium that came after the C.D Howe Institute released a study into the program that stated the TFW Program was encouraging unemployment rates in BC and Alberta. […]

  • To Cover Letter or Not to Cover Letter…What is the answer?

      By: Michelle Berg   So here’s the deal – 9 out of 10 covers are not read.   Especially if you send it to a recruiter (in fact, in my experience, they just get rid of the cover letter altogether before submitting your resume to a reviewer).  And most of the time, hiring managers don’t […]

  • Elevated Volunteers: Meals on Wheels

      By: Kathryn Sebesten   For most people lunch is a standard part of their daily routine. Whether you buy it or brown bag it, the majority of individuals don’t think twice about it. Yet for some people assembling a nutritious lunch is not second nature.   Last week the ladies of Elevated volunteered at […]

  • Why Our Employee Volunteer Program Works!

      By: Michelle Berg   Tonight we are honoured. Tonight we are humbled. Tonight we are in awe of this city.   Earlier in the year, we were informed that we were nominated for the 18th Annual Propellus (formerly Volunteer Calgary) Volunteer Awards for Emerging Employee Volunteering.  We were fortunate enough tonight to learn that […]

  • How 15Five Saved My Review Process

      By: Michelle Berg   As an HR Manager, it’s always been easy for me to give the gears to managers about how crappy their approach to reviewing their staff is.  After all, I regularly teach (and preach) on how it’s important to be keeping records and notes throughout the period to avoid the “recency” […]

  • Goal Setting: It’s not as bad as it sounds!

      By: Leah Androkovich   Well, it’s the end of Q1, which for us at Elevated means it’s “Goal Time” – a time to review our goals from last quarter and set new ones for Q2.   I know, I know – whaa whaaa.  Most people I know hear the words “goal setting” and suddenly they’re […]

  • Lessons learned being social media UN-savvy

      By: Abby (Abigail) Tiangco   I’ll be the first to admit – I’m not entirely the most tech savvy person (it’s probably safe to say I’m among the least). So when it comes to social media, I tend to shy away from it because, well, I suck at it. I take half an hour […]

  • Culture and the Job Search

      By: Kathryn Sebesten   When beginning your job search, what is most important to you?  Do you look for highest compensation? How about a shorter commute?  Do you check into learning opportunities for growth and development? Or is it just the first job that comes along your way because at this point…anything will do? […]

  • A New Outlook on Networking (for me!)

      By: Abigail Tiangco   Networking. I don’t know what it is about the word, but when I hear it, I tend to say “ummm…pass”. This may come as a shock to those who know me because I’m a very social person. Striking up conversation is not something I struggle with. In fact, sometimes it’s […]

  • Hillary Missed the Mark

      By: Michelle Berg   When I told the ladies of Elevated that I was taking them to see Hillary Clinton live on March 6, they were ecstatic. Former Secretary of State and wife of the President for two terms, with an amazing twitter handle…WHO wouldn’t want to go? I mean Pants Suit Aficionado…hells yes! […]

  • All In For Kids Poker Charity Event

      By: Kathryn Sebesten   Each month the Elevated team looks for different ways to give back to the community and in February we chose, “All In For Kids”,  a charity poker tournament hosted by Kids Up Front.  We got pretty serious about it too – we spent an afternoon crowded around our boardroom table […]

  • Corporate Values: A CEO did what?!?

      By: Leah Androkovich   Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of flying to Palm Springs on a WestJet flight that Gregg  Saretsky, the President and CEO of WestJet, was also on.  He stood up in front of the entire plane, introduced himself, welcomed us on board, thanked us for our business, even told […]

  • Falling in love with your career!

      After 15 years with my spouse, I have learned one lesson to be true: I will always fall in and out of love with him for the rest of my life.  That’s what makes marriage exciting and frustrating at the same time.  But any time I may be falling out of love, I have […]

  • I’ve been let go. Now what?

      First you are asked into a weird meeting at a weird time.  You walk into the office and while you recognize your manager, the ominous HR lady sitting there is never a good sign.  You’ve heard the office gossip…and in that moment when your manager tells you that your services are no longer required […]

  • Are you living in a “time warp”?

      By: Kathryn Sebesten   To some individuals time is purely a suggestion. If that’s the case why do we have constant reminders of time displayed everywhere we turn such as clocks, watches, mobile phones even sundials? These devices don’t just display time but provide us with the exact hour, minute and second of the […]

  • Top Employers: Separating the Best From the Rest

      By Leah Androkovich   Want to be a “Best Employer” – the company that everyone wants to work for, the company that everyone loves?   What’s the secret sauce, you ask?  Well, it may not be what you think.   While offering cushy office perks is certainly a good way to attract candidates, (who […]

  • Put THAT in the bag!

      By: Abigail Tiangco   As part of Elevated’s overall mission, our goal is to give back to the community that has given us so much. Yesterday, we were fortunate enough to be able to volunteer our services to Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids (BB4CK). For those of you who are unfamiliar with the charity, […]

  • HR Truth: We think you’re lying when you call in sick

      Being in HR for as long as I have, I feel like I’ve seen it all.  But truthfully nothing has topped the memory from back in the day when I had an employee that faked Multiple Sclerosis. Yep. Faked it. It got to a point where we had to get a private investigator involved […]

  • same day payday loans Just Shut Up!

    Know when you’re allowed to tell your employees how they are doing? When they are still working for you and you haven’t made the decision to terminate them. delphinediawdiallo   Know when you need to just shut up and not say anything? When you neglected to tell them they were doing something wrong and that […]

  • The Case Against Annual Reviews

    For many of you, it’s annual performance review time.  I think it’s safe for me to say I freaking hate annual performance reviews.   That’s right, an HR professional is telling you she HATES performance reviews. In fact, I’ll even be so bold as to say they down right suck. But let me explain.   […]

  • Perfect Way to Start the Year

      During the holidays, I sent the Elevated team a calendar notice that was simply titled, “Get Shit Organized Day”.  Our office had become cluttered with crap from various activities and it was getting to the point where I hated going in.   It was so nice to get everything clean and fresh and doing […]

  • Predictions for 2014

      This year, I think I’ve actually figured out a way to accurately predict the future, as it relates to HR and your business. I got this crazy magic eight ball for Christmas and even it said it was decidedly so…   In true blunt fashion, here I go:   You are most likely going […]

  • The Lady in HR

    I get that sometimes the worst thing that can happen to a job applicant is having to be interviewed by me.   Yep – ME.   For those that don’t know me all that well, I’m fairly blunt.  In the interview process this typically means that I do not “pussy-foot” (that’s as close to a Rob Ford […]

  • So does ROWE work?

    Results Only Work Environment (ROWE). I’ve been in love with the idea for years. I’ve even tried to implement it at a few clients and of course, at Elevated. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s pretty much considered the new way of doing business across North America that is built on the idea that […]

  • Vulnerability In Business: The Art of Explaining the “Why”

      As business owners we are constantly making decisions as it relates to our people. Sometimes they are quick, snap decisions without a lot of thought (trust me, there are a few of those I wish I could take back) and other times we agonize over a simple decision which seems to take forever to […]

  • The JobHunter Vol 13: Is The Journey Complete Or Just Starting?

      Hello friends and fellow Job Hunters. I begin today’s column with fantastic news. Yours truly, the #JobHunter, who has been on the hunt for a new job and career since the beginning of May is starting a new career and position on Monday morning. Can you believe it? It almost seems like a dream […]

  • The #JobHunter Vol. 12: What To Wear & What Not To Wear

      Hello fellow #JobHunters and friends. This week finds me in slightly less angsty/urgent spirits than last, even though I STILL haven’t heard back from the NFP that I double interviewed with and I’m still not holding down a full time job. It’s crazy, but September is just days away and I’m looking down the […]

  • The #JobHunter Vol. 11: The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

    Hello friends and fellow #JobHunters. I don’t think I really understood this Tom Petty gem fully until this week. And let me tell you why…. In last week’s installment, I was feeling in pretty decent spirits coming off some serious time working a fun, crazy part time gig and having done two interviews on a […]

  • Managing the Excuses of Time Management

      I’ve been absent as a blogger lately. I could have all these excuses as to why, but in general, it just hasn’t been a priority. Besides – the #JobHunter has done a really good job and why would I want to take away his thunder? Hmm – that almost sounds like an excuse doesn’t […]

  • The #JobHunter Vol. 10: Too Busy Working To Get a Job?

    You might have noticed I missed last week’s entry of the #JobHunter blog. That’s because I was working. No, not gainful, permanent employment, but more along the lines of several days of long hours filled with music, driving and people working as a driver on a concert and music festival that went down last week […]

  • The #JobHunter Vol. 9: Trying To Make Progress

    It’s been an interesting week for the #JobHunter. My forward momentum wasn’t quite as forward as I was hoping, but I’ve made a few interesting revelations, made some new contacts and applied for a few jobs that I’d love to do.   One of the interesting themes across all of those things has been social […]

  • The #JobHunter Vol. 8: In Interviews, Prepare For The Unexpected

    Hey there pals and fellow hunters, it’s been a pretty busy week around the old #JobHunter ranch. I have been booking interviews, going to interviews and doing some casual work on the side that turned into a pile of fun and great experience. On the paying bills side of things, I was working with a […]

  • best payday loans The #JobHunter Vol. 7: My Frown Is Upside Down

      It’s a better week. It just is. Everything everyone told me about the Stampede shut down and the mini-surge that would happen after the cowboy hats were put away turned out to be true. Funds Supply   I bagged a quick group interview session for an ad promo session on Tuesday and managed to […]

  • The #JobHunter Vol. 6: Stampede Slowdowns & Is It Time To Get Aggressive?

    Yahoo, Giddyup and Happy Stampede to all my friends, fellow #JobHunters and anyone else who reads this blog. I sincerely hope you’re enjoying one of the best times of year to be a Calgarian. Stampede is such a fantastic time to meet up with friends, reflect on our western heritage, eat some pancakes and have […]

  • Working On Vacation…Not Such a Bad Thing

      I seriously thought I would go away for a week, be hooped on the internet situation and cell service issues and not be able to work (or hardly at all).  I was panicking to say the least. But here I am, feet up on the coffee table, laptop in my lap and I have […]

  • The #JobHunter Vol. 5: Trying Not To Panic Before Stampede

      So I’m 5-6 weeks into my job hunt and I feel like all the momentum I had running up to the flood has disappeared and evaporated. I get it. People have bigger problems than going for coffee with me, or taking a look at my resume, or even hiring someone for something that isn’t […]

  • The #JobHunter Vol. 4: Has The Flood Washed Away My Job Prospects?

      Last Thursday was the beginning of an event the likes we have never seen in Calgary. The incredible flood of 2013 has rocked the city and Southern Alberta to the core, altering the lives of so many, pushing the city into a new direction, changing the course of our beloved Stampede and creating a […]

  • The #JobHunter Vol. 3: The Highs & Lows Of the Interview

      As we’re over a month and a half into my search for a new career, I’ve begun a transition. You might have read over the past few weeks, that I’m transitioning from one career to another, changing up my mindset on work, juiced up my resume and now I’m honing down what I want […]

  • The #JobHunter Vol. 2: Getting My Name Out There

      It seems like applying for a job has never been an easier process. No more faxing or mailing resumes. No more scurrying around the city with a stack of manilla envelopes and hoping that the receptionist doesn’t lose it on the way to the HR desk.   Nowadays, at the very least, you’re provided […]

  • Should candidates apply with western names?

    One of my primary responsibilities at Elevated HR is handling the recruitment for our clients. And this has put me in touch with some fantastic candidates. So a shout-out to you all! You rock my world! Enthusiastic candidates who ask me questions really get me excited. But not just any old question … I’m talking [...]

  • A little Top Manager reflection…

    Amidst the chaos that seems to be the epitome of a small business, it is very rare to be by myself in the office. Today…I have to admit, I liked it. I was left alone with my thoughts and actually felt like I was completing tasks and getting things done, which, with an office full [...]

  • The #JobHunter

    My name is James Callsen and I’ve worked in the Calgary radio business since 2006. You might know me by my on air nickname “Newsboy”. Yes, that was/is me, delivering the news to Calgarians in my own, unique style. However the radio business can be a fickle game and it’s really not a question of [...]

  • The #JobHunter

      My name is James Callsen and I’ve worked in the Calgary radio business since 2006. You might know me by my on air nickname “Newsboy”. Yes, that was/is me, delivering the news to Calgarians in my own, unique style.   However the radio business can be a fickle game and it’s really not a […]

  • A little Top Manager reflection…

      Amidst the chaos that seems to be the epitome of a small business, it is very rare to be by myself in the office. Today…I have to admit, I liked it. I was left alone with my thoughts and actually felt like I was completing tasks and getting things done, which, with an office […]

  • Compensation Convos: Tips from those in the “know”

    I am often asked by several of our Twitter Followers and Facebook Fans how to approach the conversation around salary with their managers.  It is probably one of the most stressful conversations for both parties, because regardless of intent, individual worth seems to be what is judged rather than position worth. So first and foremost […]

  • Are you a FASHIONISTA at work?

    This is what I wore this past week at work:   Monday – Sweater, colourful flower-print polo shirt underneath, semi-tight jeans Tuesday – Hoodie, track pants, runners (morning), sweater and semi-tight jeans (afternoon) Wednesday – Blazer, t-shirt, tight jeans Thursday – Cardigan, tight jeans Friday – Dress-shirt, vest, dress pants   What do you think […]

  • Should candidates apply with western names?

    One of my primary responsibilities at Elevated HR is handling the recruitment for our clients. And this has put me in touch with some fantastic candidates. So a shout-out to you all! You rock my world!   Enthusiastic candidates who ask me questions really get me excited. But not just any old question … I’m […]

  • What’s your Elevator Speech?

      Last week, I went to a breakfast seminar on Branding and Social Media for the HR Professional. The session was facilitated by Karen Richards, a marketing strategist for Mount Royal University. (She was awesome by the way.) I want to share with you some things I learned.   I learned that strong employer branding […]

  • Interns in Bikinis

      It’s probably time to fess up now…this is not really about Interns in Bikinis. I’ve just learned the value of a good blog title 😉   That said, the days are getting longer and it’s going to be summer soon (and yes, bikinis are on the brain). But summer isn’t just about the barbecues, […]

  • You can keep child pornography on your work laptop

    Catchy title, right? Just keep reading…   In the last few months, I’ve had several clients send me a blog or an opinion regarding the R. v. Cole, 2012 SCC 53, the Supreme Court of Canada which ultimately always begins with “Employees Can Expect Privacy on Employer Owned Computers”, scaring most of my clients into […]

  • LinkedIn or Linked…Out?

      I came across an article of an HR Executive who was forced out of his job after posting his resume on LinkedIn and then subsequently winning his case when he sued the company.  BG, the company he worked for, asked him to remove all the details of his employment there, except for his job […]

  • Welcome Nathan Chan!

    Elevated is excited to announce another new team member in our Calgary offices!   Nathan Chan, a native Calgarian, has recently returned to his hometown after 11 years abroad, half of which was in Norway. He joins the Elevated HR Solutions team as a HR Associate.   Nathan possesses degrees in business administration (McGill), education […]

  • Accommodating Employees with Children

      After 9 years, the Federal Court of Canada recently upheld a Canadian Human Rights Tribunal decision that employers must make an effort to accommodate an employee’s child-care responsibilities.  This means if an employee asks to work their full time job but in a slightly different way than what you are currently used to, the […]

  • Business Lessons Learned: Hacking and Stealing

    If any of you popped by the Elevated webpage during the last few days, you may have notice some weird “Payday Loans” links embedded into it. No – I have not switched businesses. We were…hacked! But fortunately – all good now! Actually it was one of the most stressful times for me as a business […]

  • Back To Work Blues

    Yep. Sitting in front of my laptop, wearing my work out clothes (I have good intentions…it’s January 2nd after all) I too have those thoughts of wishing I could just simply turn back the time or that the alarm clock wasn’t such a thing…or just…wish I had…one…more week! Sigh. But I have a choice. I […]

  • 2013 Predictions…Scratch That…Lessons from 2012

      Last year on this very day, I made a few predictions for the HR world. Not only were they lame, they also lacked anything concrete like dates or, I’ll be honest originality. Really, I was like every other HR professional trying to see into the not so distant future, trying to be creative with […]

  • A Little Soul Cleansing…

    This whole weekend I have consumed myself with Friday’s tragedy in Connecticut.  At times, I felt like I was almost stalking the families, trying to find out as much as I could about them, looking at Facebook posts, twitter comments and YouTube videos but in the end, like all of us I’m sure, I felt […]

  • The Ugly Side of Employee Complaints

    With bullying and harassment in the news daily, businesses are also taking note and ensuring that their organizations are well prepared and trained on identifying and reacting to the same within the workplace.  Workshops, policies and other programs are being designed to ensure the organization is well equipped to handle current and future bullies within […]

  • And the winner of our 2012 Movember Contest is…

    Not so fast. First, a huge THANK YOU to the more than 30 people who took the time to enter our second annual Mo’ Contest. We applaud the energy and enthusiasm you put into growing, cultivating, taping on or drawing on your mo’s in support of men’s health over the past month. Each one of you […]

  • Salary Increases for 2013

    For many employees and employers, the end of year signals salary increases and budget preparation. As a service provider for companies all over North America, we know we’re going to be asked, “What are the projections for 2013?” Sure – we could keep it to ourselves. But what’s the fun in that?  Here are the […]

  • Movember Challenge: 2012

    Last year, we held our first ever Movember Challenge and our winner was was Mike Morrison. Movember is a global movement encouraging and inspiring the community to draw education to men’s health. And while we have yet to meet a man that’s really attractive with just the ‘stache, we swoon for a man that doesn’t […]

  • Bullying: New Largest Punitive Damages Award in Canada

    Not too long ago, I wrote about the largest punitive damages award of roughly $800,000 paid to a former employee in a wrongful dismissal case. In October, a court in Windsor awarded Meredith Boucher, a former employee of Walmart Canada more than $1.4 million dollars in punitive damages.  Boucher alleged that while she had worked […]

  • Public Service Announcement: Halloween 2012

    Last year I blogged the day of Halloween as my first phone call of the day was to help a manager handle a few poor employee judgement calls as it related to their choice in costumes.   I figured this year I would be proactive and send out a fairly minor reminder to those who are […]

  • Hiring Friends

    In May of 2012, I did what most people told me not to do. I hired my best friend. We haven’t made a big deal of it, simply because of how many people told me I shouldn’t do it (they even went so far as to say I was bordering crazy).  Quietly and confidently we’ve […]

  • Swoon Alert! Love Candidates That Get It!

      As you may or may not be aware, we are looking to grow our team! We are hiring an HR Typish / Matchmaker / Get-Hands-Dirty-Daily role. We’re looking for someone fun, confident, smart, ballsy, charming and above all, someone who gets that setting goals is one thing, actually achieving them is another.   I’ll […]

  • Happy Birthday, Elevated!

      Wow – another year has gone by.   I have yet again learned so much and am blown away by what has happened.  When I reflect on this past year, I literally just see a blur.  What I do know is this: I would not be where I am today without the support of my […]

  • Your Resume Sucks

      Here is a hard truth: We receive more crappy resumes than we do good ones. That said, we try to employ the old “never judge a book by it’s cover” strategy and in turn, we spend more time trying to convince employers to look past the formatting, the spelling, the lack of structure etc…which […]

  • Largest Punitive Damage Award in Canadian Employment Law

      Sure – it seems totally logical to fire an employee who has worked with the company for 34 years for cause. Especially when you have $800,000+ lying around. You see, that’s exactly what it cost Babine Forest Products when they tried to fire Larry Higginson, a sawmill manager who claimed that the company made […]

  • Lessons Learned from Calgary’s Top Managers: Part 3

      We asked our nominees how they keep their members engaged and committed.  Here is what they said:   Engagement can take many routes, with some employees it is flexibility in their work routines, others it is personal responsibility on the project.  We believe that creating challenging and rewarding work experiences by empowering people to […]

  • Calgary Stampede: Can the fun be cause for termination?

      After 10 days of the Calgary Stampede, I have to admit (like every year), I am “rodeo’d” out. It’s exhausting to keep up with the events, the fire works, the bands, the dancing, the outfits, the parades…and yes, the late nights and early mornings that begin with al-al-al–alcohol. From Irish cream pancakes, to early […]

  • Lessons Learned from Calgary’s Top Manager: Part 2

    One of the toughest questions we face from our clients is, “How do we motivate staff?”  We believe the art of motivation can be incredibly tricky as no two people are alike.  And motivation is really one of those things that comes from within.  To really motivate someone means we know how to feed their […]

  • Lessons Learned from Calgary’s Top Manager: Part 1

      We were thrilled with the turnout of Calgary’s Top Manager!  As part of our process we asked the nominees their thoughts on leadership. Over the next coming week’s we’ll be sharing their thoughts.   Here’s what they said when we asked: How would you explain your management style/philosophy?   Transparency + Empowerment.  I strongly […]

  • The Art of Discipline

      “My theory is that people cry out to be disciplined,” said the manager.  “People want it.”   Seeing as the man who uttered those words was someone I highly respected, I was surprised at just how much I disagreed with him.  ‘Who likes to be disciplined?’  I thought.  ‘Who on Earth likes being told […]

  • Do non-compete clauses stick?

    I’m often asked if employment agreements should contain a non-compete clause, and if so, do they work.   The short answer. Sometimes. The long answer… it’s complicated.   First and foremost, when deciding on implementing a non-compete clause, the business must identify the purpose of the non-compete.  A court will often side with the employee […]

  • Top Manager – Calgary

      Oh boy! Are we ever excited about this little diddy we cooked up over a brainstorming session…   We’ve been recruiting like crazy lately (which seems to give us endless material to write about!) Anyway, one of the main reasons we are hearing why candidates are looking to move on seems to have one […]

  • Walking Billboard

    I’ve definitely met my fair share of duds recruiting over the last 14 years.  I think the ones that probably bother me the most are the ones with an impressive resume and end up getting their personal brand all wrong.  (It’s at this point that I usually acknowledge the fact that someone else may have […]

  • C’mon people…BRING IT!

    I often get asked, “If you weren’t doing this, what would you be doing?” Without hesitation I always answer, “Travel Journalist”. Back in 1997, I turned down the opportunity to pursue that dream for one reason – I didn’t think I could actually make money doing it. And, I’ve always really liked money. (Selfish, right?) […]

  • installment loans The Gender Games

    I’ve never been a fan of quotas, affirmative action or hand-outs.  Maybe it’s the Southern Manitoba, farm-life mentality but I was always taught that if you wanted something badly enough, you go for it.  You don’t let excuses, rules…and in this case genders get in the way. instant payday loan According to a recent article […]

  • An April Fool’s Day Resignation

    I’ve rarely (if ever) participated in an April Fool’s day gag/prank/joke but this morning I decided to post a picture of some random ultrasound I downloaded from the internet as my Facebook profile picture.  My brother was the first to notice it and started texting me.  I responded immediately that it was indeed a prank […]

  • Passwords + Employers = Um, I don’t think so

    Over the weekend I received several emails, tweets and Facebook messages asking my thoughts on the article that was posted about Facebook warning employers to stop asking candidates for their passwords to their Facebook accounts.   My reaction to the article was simple and as such, this is going to be a short blog post. […]

  • Accountability: Is It Better to Be Feared or Loved?

      “Accountability” is a misused word in management jargon.  I know when I hear managers say, “We are going to hold you accountable,” it usually means “we’re going to discipline, terminate and make life for you a living hell so we can squeeze the most productivity out of you as possible.” Harshness usually ensues, preceded […]

  • Bets and bowling…

      Fact: DeVone Claybrooks has really, really big hands. So big in fact that he can’t even fit his fingers in a regular 10-pin bowling ball. When he throws it, it sounds like a lead bomb dropping down on the lane. Everyone clenches at the sight; it’s almost unbearable to watch – yet no one […]

  • GrowCo 2012 – Brief Overview

      From March 5th to 7th we had the opportunity to attend a conference called GrowCo geared at helping business owners grow their business.  Our favorite magazine by the name of Inc. put it together and held it in city of New Orleans.  The premise – business owners, entrepreneurs and other organizational thought leaders get […]

  • The Employed Volunteers of ElevatedHR

      For many of us, we let the little stuff get to us during the course of a workday. These little nuisances can snowball, leading us to dislike our job.  But what if we treated our job as if it was a volunteer position? Would we act the same way?  For example, I could volunteer  […]

  • Appearance Based Discrimination Law Suits – They Exist.

      I’ll admit – I feel like this post could get me in trouble.  I’m feeling fairly cheeky – maybe due to lack of sleep and the crazy travel schedule I have created for myself.  Oh quick PS – the client has authorized me to write the following example as a learning opportunity for everyone […]

  • Love in an (office) elevator

      Without question, office romance is the number one reason why many small businesses pick up the phone and call Elevated.  And without hesitation – it’s one of the hardest areas to give actual black and white advice.   Back in my corporate days, the organization I worked for tried to totally ban relationships.  This […]

  • Lying and the Work Place

      The other day at one of my clients we received a complaint from a concerned employee regarding the potential loss of a file a co-worker was responsible for.  It was a very serious allegation (with very black and white proof) and we immediately needed to conduct an investigation. This was a difficult decision as […]

  • Our Privacy Policy

      Your Privacy Matters to Us   Elevated HR Solutions is committed to protecting you, and the information you provide us in your resume, confidential at all times.   If you choose to submit your resume to Elevated HR Solutions, we will keep your resume for up to one year, for the purposes of potentially […]

  • HR Predictions for 2012

      Yup – even we are getting on the prediction band wagon. We’re not afraid to put ourselves out there (well, maybe a little…). We’d love to say that one of our predictions is that we will be able to change the perception of HR, but we’re pretty certain that’s more than a year away […]

  • Merry Christmas…wait…can I say that?

      I have many clients that have jumped on the “Have a great holiday” train to appear that they are more inclusive. “Appear”…isn’t that a funny word?   Here’s the deal – if you want to say “Merry Christmas” there is nothing wrong with that. If you’re worried your employees are going to get offended […]

  • Social Media and Privacy (Updated Thoughts)

      On December 16th, a client of ours (@PeterATSmart) tweeted out the following link titled, “Guidelines for Social Media Background Checks – December 2011” which came from the Office of the Information and Privacy Commission of Alberta.   Coles Notes version of the link: Under privacy laws, organizations can only collect personal information that a […]

  • Who cares? …I’m willing to bet someone does!

      Yesterday morning I was speaking to HR professionals in my own community on the value that social media can bring to the HR profession.  During my discussion, I went online and tweeted the following:   Although a gentleman whispered, I heard him say, “Who cares?”   I answered with: “Maybe no one…but maybe someone. […]

  • Who’s really in charge of culture in your company?

      The other day I was visiting a client and he asked if he could call me his Chief Culture Officer.  While I actually like it a lot better than anything with the words HR in it, I still found myself cringing.   I shook my head simply said, “I’m flattered, but really that’s your […]

  • The Movember Contest Winner Revealed!

      Alright so the decision of “ who has the best ‘mo”  was incredibly hard for us to make tonight.   There were over 30 mo’s that entered our contest, and we have to admit, we were overwhelmed.  Looking at that many men (and one female) who would be perfectly suited to be driving a […]

  • Rockstars Need Parameters

      My definition of a Rockstar (as it relates to the workplace): Top Employee, A-Player, Employees who just “get it”…   Disclaimer/Public Service Announcement: If you’re going to tell me that the word Rockstar is unprofessional in the work environment, I encourage you to stop reading now as this blog is wrought with the term… […]

  • Movember Challenge: Mo’ Money

      Yesterday we received a phone call from one of our clients, Noise Solutions. Scott, the President of Noise Solutions didn’t call to chat HR, instead he called to chat Movember!   Scott advised that he had seen our Movember campaign and he wanted to be a part of it. He has matched Elevated’s donation […]

  • Movember Challenge: May the Best Mo’ Win

    Each month Elevated HR donates either hours or money towards a featured charity. This month we’ve decided to take a different approach and have come up with a challenge for the community. For those that don’t know, Movember is a global movement encouraging and inspiring the community to draw education to men’s health. In 2010, […]

  • How does dress code apply during Halloween?

      Yup – first call of the day this morning was from a client who said, “I feel like I might be in trouble today. It’s Halloween and Sharon* has decided to come in a costume most of our male staff would not object to, as she’s a German Bar Maid. And Joe*, decided to […]

  • Friends of Inc. Magazine Give Back

      Last month Michelle and I went to the Inc. 500 | 5000 Conference in Washington, DC. On the last day, Inc. and Norm Brodsky hosted a gala dinner. Norm announced that Jane Berentson, Editor of Inc. Magazine, was turning 63 this year and that she would like to give her birthday to charity: water. […]

  • Social Media + The Job Hunt – Part 2

      Earlier this week, (a great resource by the way) posted an article titled “How Recruiters Use Social Networks to Screen Candidates.” Attached to the article was an infographic that showcased statistics relating to social networks and the job search.   Mashable’s article and the comments that unraveled were quite timely as a week […]

  • Cover Letters – To Do or Not to Do

      This morning I got into a debate on Twitter over cover letters. Two HR students were discussing cover letters, their relevancy to the market and whether or not they allow a candidate to shine in the recruitment process.   The conversation: T: Why do they make you copy and paste your cover letter into […]

  • The End of a Chapter

    My heart is heavy tonight.  I didn’t think it was the end.  But it was.  I didn’t do anything to stop it.  I felt like it needed to come, but ignored that feeling regardless.  But closing the chapter, this chapter on Elevated HR is hard for me to do. For those of you who don’t […]

  • Team EHR at the Eligeo IT Ball Hockey Tournament

    On September 10th, Elevated was involved in a great event to raise money for KidSport Calgary and Scouts Canada Chinook-Council! The 2nd Annual Eligeo IT Ball Hockey Tournament involved 3 on 3 hockey for all skill levels. It was an all day event, including a BBQ lunch, live musical acts and prizes. Over 50 people […]

  • Client Spotlight: Intriga Mobility

    Intriga Mobility (formerly known as BerryWorx) has fast become one of our favorite clients to work alongside.  Not only do they “get” what it means to lead their employees, they take accountability for their actions, they understand where their weaknesses lie, and they actively work towards making a difference – for themselves, for their employees […]

  • Social Media + the Job Hunt

    Earlier this summer, the New York Times posted an article title: “Social Media History Becomes a New Job Hurdle.” I posted the link on my Facebook and a debate immediately commenced. A friend highlighted that Recruiters use online research and social media screening because they don’t know how to adequately screen candidates. They use it […]

  • EHR Partners with Making Changes: Donate Your Coat

    Elevated HR is on a mission to collect women’s coat donations for Making Changes in Calgary. From October 17th to 22nd, Elevated HR will be donating $20 for every coat that gets donated to Making Changes. Once the coats arrive in store, Making Changes has to dryclean them and Elevated will cover that cost. Why […]

  • A Leader’s Revelation

    I’m not writing this as an excuse.  More along the lines of a confessional. I thought it would be cathartic to get it out there.  And as I’m writing this I already feel like I’m stalling… So here it is – my big revelation of the week… Some days I really suck at being a […]

  • “Consideration” – what is it and why do I have to pay it?

    Every day I’m asked by clients if they can make some changes to the employment relationship and my answer is always “yes”.  I’m often found saying, “You can do whatever you want…but…as with everything, there may be a consequence.” “We’ve got new employment agreements – how do I get employees to sign off on them?” […]

  • Video Resumes

    Time and time again we’re asked: “How do you go about making a video resume?” “How is a video resume different than a traditional resume?” “Will a video resume get me THE JOB?” There is no easy answer. Truth be told, video resumes are new age and most employers aren’t ready for them. Making a […]

  • Steve Jobs: A Visionary

    This afternoon the global community was shocked to learn of Steve Jobs passing. Did we see it coming? Probably. When Steve Jobs removed himself from the lead charge at Apple, we all knew something was wrong. Was anyone prepared to admit that Steve might be sick again? I don’t think so. The community has been […]

  • The Power of Twitter

    If you still haven’t realized the power of what Twitter can do for you, personally or professionally – what hole are you living in? Okay, that might have been a bit harsh – but here’s a story for you to read: When I first started on “the twitter” (as my mom affectionately refers to it […]

  • New + Improved Website

    We’re pleased to announce that our re-brand is just about complete! A few months back, we started our re-brand with a new logo. We used and were completely wow’d by the whole process. More on our experience can be found here. We migrated from new logo creation to new business cards to social media […]

  • Random Gen Y Thoughts II

    Labeling employees in the workplace… we all do it, yet we all hate it. Take the title of this post for example. Branding myself as a Gen Y makes it easier to differentiate Michelle and my thoughts. Late last week I was asked to write an article on “Gen Y” for an online HR publication. […]

  • Grow Conference

    A few weeks back, Michelle and I had the opportunity to attend Grow Conference in Vancouver. We had booked it months ago — after a recommendation from some of our peers in Silicon Valley. Lucky for us it coincided quite nicely with my relocation out to Vancouver [i.e. opening Elevated’s Vancouver ‘office’ :)]. Grow Conference […]

  • Labour Day: Website Closed

    This morning I was advised by one of our Rockstars that our website has disappeared. Disappeared? Yep! Today is Labour Day in both Canada and the US. With that, a lot of organizations are closed and employees are out enjoying the last days of summer. Our website is officially taking a day off too. How’s […]

  • September Update – Recruiting Recruiting Recruiting!

    We currently have the following positions posted: ALBERTA Office Manager at Service Management Art (Calgary) Director, Client Services at Company Confidential (Calgary) Accountant at Noise Solutions (Calgary) Mobility/Client Service Specialist at Intriga  Mobility (Calgary) – FILLED! Customer Service Analyst at Intriga Mobility (Calgary) Procurement Specialist at Intriga Mobility (Calgary) Project Coordinator/Manager at Intriga Mobility (Edmonton) Software Developer […]

  • New Position: Noise Solutions’ Next Top Accountant

    Accountant                                                                                                             […]

  • New Position: Company Confidential – Director, Customer Service

      Director, Customer Service                                                        (Company Confidential)   At this time the company chooses to be confidential (but if you apply, we’ll tell you who they are!)  That being said, they have 14 people on staff (growing weekly), located just outside of the core of Calgary and their office is exceptionally cool.  The company has been […]

  • New Position: Service Management Art – Office Manager

    Make your next career move a SMArt one!   OFFICE MANAGER                              Service Management Art provides consulting services and change management training by providing a reliable approach to successful and valuable IT Service Management.  They ensure alignment with business objectives by showing organizations the ‘Art’ behind IT Service Management.   As their team continues to […]

  • Happy Birthday Elevated HR Solutions!

      By Michelle Berg, President & CEO, Elevated HR Solutions   It’s true, Elevated HR Solutions was originally launched in 2007, just before the height of the boom.  But Elevated HR Solutions didn’t really begin until August 24th, 2010 (especially the solution that catered to start-ups and small businesses, vowing to take HR out of […]

  • Recruiting is Really Matchmaking

      by Michelle Berg, President & CEO of Elevated HR Solutions   Everyday we are asked how Twitter, Facebook etc., affects our world.  Everyday we answer that it accounts for anywhere between 30 to 40% of our business – so it affects everything.   When Jillian joined the team, she took our facebook and twitter […]

  • Job of the Week: Mobility Specialist

      You’ve dedicated yourself to customer service and a team environment.  Now you’re looking for more. That next big challenge.   What about Intriga Mobility? Here’s the deal – we need people.  We need people who aren’t satisfied with the same thing day in and day out.  We need people who want to be part […]

  • August Update – Recruiting Recruiting Recruiting!

    We had a busy July recruiting for clients. Lots of offers went out this month and now we’re down to a few jobs to recruit for August:   ALBERTA Mobility Specialist at Intriga  Mobility (Calgary) – FILLED! Executive Assistant at Elevated HR Solutions (Calgary) – FILLED!   BRITISH COLUMBIA No vacancies at this time   UNITED STATES […]

  • Client Spotlight: Service Management Art (SMArt)

      By Michelle Berg, President & CEO of Elevated HR Solutions   As we continue on this journey of entrepreneurialship (which may or not be a word), with war wounds and battle scars of our own, we acknowledge we wouldn’t be anywhere without our clients.   As such, we decided to post about our clients […]

  • Recruiting Done Differently

      By Jillian Walker, Vice President Client Experience, Elevated HR Solutions   In my past life, recruiting meant activating a job posting on recruitment software, filtering through applicants based on points, looking at 10 resumes out of 200-500, formal phone screening, structured competency based interviews, ranking employees against each other with points and putting out […]

  • Is your Network/IT Policy doing what it needs to be doing?

      By Michelle Berg, President & CEO of Elevated HR Solutions   For the most part, Canadian employees often assume that IT equipment provided by their employers are subject to search at any time for any reason and that any document created on a company owned device (from laptop to PC to blackberry to iPhone) […]

  • Even the pros get mislead

      By Michelle Berg, President & CEO, Elevated HR Solutions   I wasn’t going to admit that occasionally even EHR makes a wrong hiring decision (that’s probably not really that good for business). But really –  I don’t actually like admitting that I failed at something – that’s the hardest part.  So let’s go sport […]

  • Job of The Day: Marketing Coordinator – UrtheCast

    URTHECAST                                                                                                                              MARKETING COORDINATOR   You’ve heard of GoogleEarth right? Well this is GoogleEarth on steroids.  Intrigued? Read on!   Quite literally, UrtheCast ( will build launch and operate the world’s first ever high-definition, streaming video platform of planet Earth from the International Space Station.   It’s like taking GoogleEarth and combining it with YouTube functionality.  […]

  • Business Reading Goals

      By Jillian Walker, Vice President, Client Experience of Elevated HR Solutions   I love reading. I love personal goals. I’m s t a r t i n g to love business goals. So let’s go… let’s make it serious… I am taking my business reading goals public to hold myself accountable.   My reading […]

  • July Update — Recruiting Recruiting Recruiting!

      This has not been a typical slow summer… recruiting is hopping and it’s more than evident that business is again booming. Just in case you can’t keep up with the jobs we’re filling… here they are:   ALBERTA Administrative Assistant at Stawowski McGill (Calgary) – FILLED! Accountant – CA at Stawowski McGill (Calgary) – […]

  • Random Gen Y Thoughts I

      By Jillian Walker, Vice President, Client Experience of Elevated HR Solutions   A few days ago Michelle blogged on generational differences within our team. We generally talk about blog topics, which range from trends in industry to client concerns to tales of an HR start-up. She did not tell me she was going to […]

  • Tales from a Hiring Manager

      By Michelle Berg, President & CEO, Elevated HR Solutions   It’s been a long time since I was on the other side of the table “interviewing” for a job. It’s been even longer since I was turned down for a job that I really wanted.  Wait – actually that’s never happened to me.  I […]

  • Random Gen X Thoughts I

      By Michelle Berg, President & CEO of Elevated HR Solutions   After a month and a half of Gen Y vs. Gen X in the office I have learned more about myself than I could have ever imagined.   Until recently I had always thought that I straddled the whole generational thing (between X and Y) and hiring either X […]

  • Hiring Practices in 1943

      By Jillian Walker, Vice President of Client Experience at Elevated HR Solutions   Today one of our EHR supporters sent me the following image:   The post was written for male supervisors of women in the workforce during World War II.   For those that are struggling to read the image, below is the […]

  • One Size Does Not Fit All – Recognition and Reward Programs

      By Michelle Berg, President & CEO of Elevated HR Solutions   For many of our clients, during the recession there were layoffs and salary cut-backs.  Now with the economy seemingly moving in a better direction, many of them have staff that made it through the tough times – and whether or not they are outright saying […]

  • Recruitment + Clarity = Easy Process

      By Michelle Berg, President & CEO of Elevated HR Solutions   This weekend I got to go on a quick get away to Scottsdale for some much needed Vitamin D.  (As an aside, Hotel Valley Ho is an incredible art deco/retro hotel and definitely gets my stamp of approval – we will be back).  […]

  • Hire fast or hire slow? We weigh in.

      By Michelle Berg, President and CEO of Elevated HR Solutions   Last week…or perhaps it was two weeks ago already, @aaroncrunch asked us to weigh in on our thoughts over twitter regarding Mark Suster’s (@msuster) guest post on Tech Crunch titled: Startup Mantra: Hire Fast, Fire Fast.   Disclaimer one: I always hate to disagree with […]

  • Chasing Leads

      By Michelle L. Berg, President & CEO, Elevated HR Solutions   Everyday I am reminded that just because a person doesn’t get back to you right away, or even within a week or even within a month, that that opportunity is over or the door is closed in terms of a sale. Nope. In […]

  • An Elevated Approach to Recruiting

      By Michelle Berg, President and CEO of Elevated HR Solutions   During a recent meeting with a potential new client, they grimaced when we offered support in their recruitment efforts.  Without hesitation they asked, “How much? Are you going to rape me?”  We replied completely caught off guard, with, “Woah, harsh!”  He sighed and […]

  • Our Experience with

      By Jillian Walker, Vice President of Client Experience at Elevated HR Solutions   In addition to shedding light on human resources in small business, Elevated HR is committed to sharing our learnings in operating a startup.   In early May, Michelle & I decided that we would rebrand Elevated HR. We were expecting our […]

  • Managing Remote Workers

      By Michelle Berg, President & CEO of Elevated HR Solutions   Yesterday, I came across the following blog post that was tweeted out by @HP_SmallBiz on how to Manage Remote Workers.  Immediately I disagreed with what was being said, and said I would write a follow-up blog post.  Now after I re-read the article, […]

  • I don’t wanna work…so I’ll just sue

      By Michelle Berg, President  CEO of Elevated HR Solutions   We’ve recently entered the market in California and it’s been an eye-opening experience for us.  Not to say that a couple of renegades like us can’t handle it – it’s just…well…onerous.  We consistently preach to the organizations we work with that in order to […]

  • Procrastination is a Killer (Yet…we all do it!)

      By Michelle Berg, President & CEO of Elevated HR Solutions   It is incredibly easy and yet humbling to admit that I am a procrastinator.  I’m fairly certain I have been all my life and yet most are shocked when I say that out loud.  The thing is, I am deadline driven.  I get […]

  • Get Your Groove Back…

      Get Your Groove Back by Michelle Berg, Elevated HR Solutions, President and CEO   Groove, mojo, motivation, passion, excitement – it’s all the same thing.  You know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and you’re excited to get up, to start the day and accomplish something new. Do you got it? […]

  • A Fresh Start

      A Fresh Start by Michelle Berg, President & CEO of Elevated HR Solutions   After 2.5 years of what seemed like never-ending terminations, I had vowed that I would try to stay away from doing any direct terminations when I created Elevated HR Solutions.  Well, almost 8 months later I was asked to participate in one […]

  • Hiring the Right Person

      Hiring the Right Person by Michelle Berg, President & CEO of Elevated HR Solutions   Everyday new clients call and ask me to help them with what seems to possibly be the hardest task in the world when it comes to running a business: recruiting. The problem I typically encounter: The thought that a […]

  • Breaking News!

    ELEVATED HR APPOINTS VICE PRESIDENT AND PREPARES FOR EXPANSION WITHIN NORTH AMERICA FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – May 2, 2011 (Calgary, AB) – Elevated HR Solutions is pleased to announce the appointment of Jillian Walker to Vice President of Client Experience effective May 20, 2011. Jillian joins Elevated HR bringing a wealth of Human Resources experience […]

  • Making a Switch

      Question for managers:   What would it take for you as a manager to relinquish control and actually empower your employees?   Question for employees:   What would it take for you to play by the rules and actually put in a full days work?   The answer is the same…What do you think […]

  • The “Unexpected” HR Approach

      When Elevated HR Solutions first came into existence, we really wanted to do HR differently.  That’s obviously easier said than done.  But in all reality, we were embarrassed to say we were even in HR and that’s an issue.  How can we offer a solution to companies if we don’t even like what we […]

  • Yup – Let’s stick to Simple

      Think about all of the urban myths out there. From kidney harvesting to using flour as a burn remedy – they all seem to stick in general. But why is that?  Is there a formula? Well according to Chip and Dan Heath, there is.   After the GrowCo conference and listening to Dan Heath […]

  • Taking on Tony Hsieh of Zappos? Oh boy!

      Alright – so admittedly I do not have, nor will I ever have, a company that sells for 1.2 billion dollars.  I actually just have a company that’s only 8 months old and there are days when I’m wondering if I’ll ever sell it for 1.2 dollars…period.  And of all the businesses to run […]

  • Human Rights Tribunal and the Courts can have very different opinions

      I’m often asked about the differences between a human rights hearing and a court hearing as it relates to employee/employer related matters.  How do they work?  Are they the same? Simply put: Nope, they are not the same. In most cases, the person making the claim does not have to pay anything to make a claim (unlike having […]

  • Getting your staff involved in the performance management process

      A best practice in performance management is definitely to get a complete review of your employees by utilizing feedback from themselves, from their peers, from their clients, as well as yourself as management.  It’s definitely not an easy process to engage in, and dependent on how big your organization/department is, it can be a very arduous task taking careful […]

  • Inflated Job Titles

      I have blogged in the past about job titles – I’ve said that they can be a great way to reward employees instead of compensation.  I’ve also recommended when recruiting for new employees to use job titles that will match the external market (in other words, make it so people will understand what the role is, and […]

  • An Ode to My Clients

      I have had an amazing journey as an entrepreneur.  I am writing this today because the last few months I have realized something – that each client that I align myself with has brought daily smiles to my face and I have gained an even stronger sense of purpose.  I want it on record, that […]

  • Running a business is like running a marathon…

      A few weeks ago now, an amazing entrepreneur and mentor here in Calgary wrote a blog post making the analogy that chess and business are very similar.  Very succinctly, Cameron talks about 3 lessons he has learned about business from the game of chess.  You can find the full blog post here:   That […]

  • Confession Time…Recruiters Beware

      In August I launched Elevated HR Solutions as it is today (a reactive, outsourced approach to human resources for small to medium sized businesses) but during that time I’ve been applying to jobs in the Human Resources field for 2 reasons:   1.) I needed an ego boost to see if I could get […]

  • Who says Compensation Can’t Be Easy?

      Who says compensation can’t be easy? Pretty much every book you pick up on the topic – that’s who.  Twenty-seven chapters later (and a background as an HR Professional)  I’m just as lost as the next guy.  And like most people – if you can’t get it from a book, the next logical step is probably to […]

  • Selecting an HRO

      So here you are: You’ve grown your organization to a pretty good size, where it’s evident you could use some help when it comes to the administration and support of your employees.  You are officially presented with 2 choices – hire an HR manager/advisor and officially proclaim an HR department OR bring on an […]

  • Social Media Policy Anyone?

      UPDATE: Read Gowlings opinion on the latest Facebook Termination:     “So, this whole social media thing isn’t going away is it?” I smiled at the question and shook my head softly.  A potential client and I just sat down to a coffee when he noticed an individual with their lap top open […]

  • Video Resumes Are Here!

      Yup – it’s official – I have finally received my first video resume!   Verdict: I LOVE the idea of it. It certainly got my attention (similar to how a heavy stock paper resume that comes to me in the mail still gets me every time!) However, I don’t really know very much about […]

  • Dare to be different with job postings

      So admittedly, I am a total Tony Hsieh worshipper. I am enamoured with his book, “Delivering Happiness”, I go to both his sites regularly ( and and try to read as many of his employee’s blogs that I can find. So it’s probably not really a surprise to you that I push his […]

  • Titles and Job Postings – Is there something in a name?

      When it comes to developing a job posting and asking the question “Does title matter?” it’s akin to asking “Does size matter?” The answer is obvious – of course it does!   Here’s why:   1.) When people have finally made the decision to start looking for a job, and become an active job seeker rather than a […]

  • Terminations are never easy but they don’t need to be hard

      During the last while, I have had the privilege of meeting with many small business owners to discuss how I can take the “HR out of the business”.  The topic of choice always seems to land on terminations.  I’ve been through my fair share of corporate terminations (one of which even ended in my […]

  • Employee Engagement

      I had the extreme pleasure of presenting to a group of business owners, CEOs and senior managers this past week on the topic of employee engagement.  I was given an hour and a half, and admittedly was initially overwhelmed of where to start.  I have often complained that the only people who are talking […]

  • New Years Resolutions May Mean Higher Turnover

      Just like clockwork, the end of the first week of 2011 had my phone ringing non-stop.  Employees have decided to resign and my clients (and potential clients) need help to replace and/or have asked me to complete exit interviews of their departing staff.   Unfortunately this was not a surprise to me as unemployment rates have […]

  • Termination Decisions: HR or Management?

    >So today it happened twice: I’m watching “Better Off Ted” –> a show about a company focusing primarily on the research and development department of a large organization. It’s the second season, second episode and the show is about potential lay offs in the department.  They are talking about the termination process and the line starts with […]

  • Think before you implement

      Today, I had the huge honor of going to a company wide quarterly goal-setting meeting.  Not only did they score themselves on the previous quarter’s results, they set new targets and goals, with dates and deadlines to meet and hit.  Really – it was an HR dream…   Two things came out of it for […]

  • Things you should do if you’re looking for a job

      Typically, my blog is geared towards management teams and helping them to manage without having to have an HR department on their team when it comes to employee support.  But today – after a week of recruiting for one of my clients, I feel I need to do a special PSA to help those […]

  • Articles like this give HR a bad name

      Last week I received of an email from the Daily HR Advisor.  It’s an American publication and as such, a lot of the information is almost foreign to me, despite the fact that we share a border (this is even AFTER I ran a few HR departments IN the US…).  But this title in […]

  • Culture Therapy

      “Wow – it sure isn’t what it used to be.”   “Remember when we there was no such thing as…”   “It’s just different now.”   Do any of these phrases sound familiar in your organization?  Start-ups suffer from it most.  As companies grow, and more employees are brought on indicating success, something funny […]

  • Before your company jumps into the social media party…

      This post was originally published on the Business Instinct  Group blog!  Click on the link to view it here!

  • Lessons learned from a coffee shop

      The other day I was in a coffee shop talking to a friend about a presentation I was about to make.  While we are never quiet when we are together, I didn’t think our volume was out of the norm either.  An…ummm…more “mature” gentleman was sharing one of the few plug-ins (for our laptops) […]

  • An Acquisition Strategy Must-Have

      When it comes to your employees – every book, article and blog out there these days says that your employees make the difference on a bottom line.  Hiring people that fit your overall culture, truly listening to them and paying attention to their needs and wants, providing an environment that individuals can excel in […]

  • Irish Management Team at PWC Suspended

      So by now, this is pretty much old news.  But in case you haven’t heard, male managers at PriceWaterhouse Coopers in Ireland emailed each other a top 13 “hot” list, indicating that the firm had done well in it’s latest hiring practices of women. Nothing pornographic – just their office pictures, names and titles were included in the email…and one […]

  • Disabled employee is terminated for dishonesty

    So for those of you who personally know me, have often heard of my frustration when it comes to the human resources reputation.   Ultimately, I truly do love the profession and I love that it can support a business as well as protect it.   I say it often, your employees are your greatest asset, but can […]

  • Mentorship Programs in the Workplace

    Lately, I’ve been writing as part of the community on Ask Inc. ( often tweets questions from people in the business world, and a lot of the questions have been HR focused.  Funny – it’s the whole reason why I went into my own business (quick questions, that need quick answers)!  But even better than giving, I […]

  • A new approach to HR

    As I sit an hour early for a flight and watch the disappointed passengers of a cancelled flight to Thompson, Manitoba due to weather, I pause silently and give thanks that I am going to a much more weather predictable city…cough…Calgary. Time to reflect.  Time to ponder. Time to think. It’s been a while.    […]

  • Elevated HR: Determining the Salary Equation

      Often when I am advising clients on their hiring strategy, I am also asked to help them determine what to pay an individual.  I always find it funny that the first question I am asked is, “What does the market pay for X?”  While a company certainly needs to be competitive, the first question […]

  • Flu and Cold Season – Tips for a healthier workplace

      Okay so we all know him/her…the martyr that walks in the door with puffy eyes, a red nose (dripping disgusting-ness), hacking away at their lungs, kleenex everywhere. Every five seconds or so, you hear the sniff, or a cough or a moan that says, “Please let me die!” And yet they still show up […]

  • He needs to be terminated…do I have cause?

      Here’s a crazy tale: An employee can get drunk at a party, knock out a client and drive into a co-worker’s vehicle as he is fleeing the scene. In addition to that, you can have multiple witnesses and you still don’t have cause UNLESS…   1.) You have a record of repeated behavior (written, […]

  • Vacation Policy 101: Use it or…Lose it!?!? Can they do that?

      Just like clock-work, I’m getting the annual question from friends regarding their vacation policy.   “Heya – my HR department says I have to take all my holidays by December 31 or I lose them and won’t get paid for them. Can they do that? I mean is that legal?” First a major disclosure […]

  • Exit Interviews – Exposing hidden secrets upon resignation

      The lessons I have learned from the early days of my career are definitely amongst the most valuable.   Perhaps it’s because I was the most impressionable back then (not that I would ever admit it). I was ego-centric and thought I knew everything.  I have definitely eaten some very delicious humble pie in […]

  • What to do when a management position isn’t an option…

    >You’ve all met the amazing sales person right? The one who dominates with clients, pitches a solution effortlessly, and arrives with the documents signed, sealed and delivered without batting an eye.  Now have you watched as organizations try to promote that guy into management? Typically – it’s a massive flop.  The best sales guys are […]

  • Elevated HR Solutions: Recruiting blunders you need to avoid

      If in the next 18 months, you were going to lose 46% of your new hires – would you change something with regards to your recruiting methodology? Based on a new 3-year study completed by Leadership IQ, this isn’t just an anomaly…it’s the norm.   Surprisingly, only 11% fail due to a lack of […]

  • RadioShack Gaff: Update

    >My typical HR engagements with small businesses look like this: Business:) This is my problem.  What can we do?Me:) Here is solution A and the pros and cons are X.  Here is solution B and the pros and cons are Y.  Here is solution C and the pros and cons are Z.   What are your […]

  • What would an HR Blog be without some recruitment tips?

    >I still remember the first interview I did – was I 19 years old at the time? Trying to pretend I was 30? (Shutter, as I’m now that old…focus…) Anyway, I remember walking in with my list of questions, hair tied back tightly, poised and seven minutes later the interview was done. I didn’t feel […]

  • How to spot a fear-based management regime

    >A friend and I got together today over coffee.  He was telling me how his organization was moving from structure A to structure B and he was contemplating whether or not it was time for him to make a move.  It wasn’t so much that he didn’t like his job, but he was finally at […]

  • Business Partners or Business People: How should HR really be perceived?

      In my quest to change the face of HR, I have found some awesome like-minded people on the net. They value the idea of promoting HR to the same level as marketing and sales departments. The problem: HR people know they need to change how they are perceived, it’s just uncertain whether or not […]

  • Big Sigh! It’s performance review time.

      This morning I went to a networking meeting and a woman who was there promoting her business said she gave seminars on how to provide performance reviews, especially to generation X and Y.   I’m always intrigued by those who say they “get” the new generation and “really know the secrets” of delivering/doing something […]

  • Health and Wellness Programs – A must or are they just bust?

    The other day I had a client ask me if she should implement a health and wellness program in her small, almost medium-sized company.Dominated primarily by women, sitting at their desks all day long she was concerned that she was promoting a sedentary lifestyle and thought it might be a good idea to promote health […]

  • Company Party Dos and Dont’s

      After walking the dog tonight with my ski jacket, mitts and toque (hat for Americans reading this blog), my thoughts quickly turned of the upcoming holiday season…scary to think Halloween is just over a month away and Christmas is quickly knocking on its door.   Speaking of Halloween and Christmas, many companies are well […]

  • Considering a 360 Review? Here are a few tips!

      A 360 Review is a powerful development tool and quite different to traditional manager-subordinate appraisals. As such a 360 process does not replace the traditional one-to-one process – it augments it, and should be used to support development. 360 degree reviews involve the reviewee receiving feedback from people (named or anonymous) whose views are […]

  • Training Follow-Up – If you’re not doing it, why are you bothering to train?

      When I worked at a mid-sized investment firm, we were getting all kinds of requests for training – some technical, some soft skill. We decided to produce a lot of in-house training ourselves based on the requests and thought by hiring a full-time trainer we would save on the course fees and be able […]

  • What is Wrongful Dismissal?

      In general, an employer is permitted to terminate employment without just cause, provided they give an employee reasonable notice or compensation instead of reasonable notice. An exception to this is if an employer has violated an employee’s human rights or violated certain parts of the Employment Standards Act (i.e. failure to reinstate an employee […]

  • My business doesn’t need HR…or does it?

      A human resources department can be one of the most costly of all departments in any given organization. However, that same department can save time, effort and money if it operates at the level you need it to.   Small businesses are no different and in my experience, could utilize support when it comes to answering questions […]

  • Is there a definition of leadership?

      During the last few years as a senior manager for multiple organizations, I have been evaluating my opinion of what a leader is versus what a leader isn’t to help me build my own leadership style. If you go online, there are about a million different definitions of leadership. Some have the same meaning […]

  • Wrongful Dismissals Could Mean the End of a Small Business

      My major draw in supporting small businesses is the fact that they do not have the resources, the time, or the knowledge to deal with HR related issues. That said – a small business has huge risks associated with their employees and most of the time they don’t even know it! Their employees are […]

  • Policies and Procedure Manuals – A Pain or a Way to Develop/Maintain/Preserve Culture?

      I have worked for multiple organizations, of small to medium size and ALL of them have implemented a Policy and Procedures Manual/Employee Handbook.   But now, as I’m venturing off into this new gig of supporting small businesses, I often meet clients of small size who say to me, “I don’t really need a […]

  • One door closes, 15+ doors open up!

      While it is certainly an old cliche, “Everything happens for a reason,” is definitely a vague, yet true thought to keep in mind.   Does everything always work out for the better and therefore happen for a reason? I think it does – it just depends on your frame of mind. I was recently […]

  • Experience 21st Century Leadership September 13 to 19

      There are literally thousands of courses available to attend when it comes to the area of leadership.  Some are great, some are okay and others leave people with the feeling, “I missed work for this!?!?”   That said, if you are attending or are sending your staff to attend one leadership course, I think […]

  • Absenteeism – how you deal with it is up to you!

      Do you remember that girl in junior high who hated to participate in gym because she had everything from bad cramps, to sore legs, to a broken heart?  Unfortunately she AND he (his excuses were somewhat different of course) still exist in the job market.  The biggest problem – they can be really good at […]

  • Investing in your employees? Ensure you have clawback measures in place!

      Investing in your employees, specifically with external training, is a great way to motivate, engage and essentially retain your staff.  However, time and time again, I have ran into business owners who are frustrated. “I just spent $1,500 on a course for X and now they’ve handed in their two weeks notice and they […]

  • Employment Agreements – Do you need them?

    One day over dinner, a friend and I were talking about his business. He had 3 three employees and he happened to mention that he was having problems with one of them.  The employee had been there well over a year, and while performance wasn’t awful it also wasn’t something you could characterize as good […]

  • How do I hire an HR Manager?

      The other day I received an email from an old colleague of mine.  He was recently promoted and was now going to be in charge of hiring a new HR Manager for his team.  He saw the value in HR (to a degree…at least it would get his employees off his back…or so he thought), […]

  • Positive Reinforcement – Can you compensate for a lack of compensation?

      Without fail, I have always managed to meet a line manager who felt he or she could not compete with other organizations because the organization we worked for paid too little.  And over the last 2 years, not being able to increase salary, not having bonuses, and in some cases, decreasing salaries meant managers felt even more pressure to try […]