I Told a Room Full of Marketers that I Hate HR

i hate hr


So it’s true – I have a hate on for HR. I find it cringe worthy. To the point that I often find myself avoiding answering what I do in new social settings such as networking events and conferences.  Yes, I know that it’s somewhat odd considering I run an HR company. I even ran a workshop on eradicating the HR department just last week at the Gathering.  And I agree – bold move as it relates to my business development tactics.

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An Ode to Love in the Workplace



It’s Valentine’s Day…

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#BellLetsTalk Day

By: Carrie Beckett

Today is “It’s Bell Let’s Talk Day” – which essentially means Bell will contribute 5¢ more towards mental health initiatives for every text, call, tweet, Instagram post, Facebook video view and use of the Snapchat geofilter. It’s a pretty cool initiative to see and we are definitely loving how the conversation is evolving to erase stigma.

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Introducing Audrey Schmidt – The Newest Member of the Elevated Team

Audrey opening up her Tiffany's bracelet that all new employee's receive as a "Welcome" gift!

Audrey opening up her Tiffany’s bracelet that all new employee’s receive as a “Welcome” gift!

By: Audrey Schmidt

It’s been 27 years since my last orientation.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been part of the delivery of orientations as I added new members to my team, but in 27 years I have not had to start over again from square one.  Sure, I was afforded many opportunities to learn and be promoted at Manitoba Hydro but the stability of the same company never made it feel that different.

So here I am. “Old” enough to retire (based on tenure) but definitely not ready to.  I’m working remotely and in another time zone. And did I mention I’m Michelle’s mom?  Sounds like quite the experiment doesn’t it?

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The Friends and Family Hiring Plan

focus-bigpic-familyfriends-2colAt Elevated, we tend to work with a lot of companies that have family members and/or good friends working inside the organization.  When I was an HR executive I would have fought hard against nepotism but as a business owner – I get it. I totally get it. I’ve done it. I’ve totally failed at it…and I’m definitely going to do it again.


So why do business owners hire friends and family?


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