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It’s Panic after the Pandemic!

In Alberta, life opens up in four(ish) weeks. And while I am so happy for our friends that own gyms, our friends in the travel and hospitality business, our friends that need people to be out and about to make a living…I can’t help but be a bit nervous. So where to begin to help with easing others fears who may be feeling the same way? I might be a broken record, but it’s using transparent communication. Don’t have time to communicate; make time.

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Saying Goodbye – An Employee Experience that Still Matters.

As many of you know, Abby Tiangco left Elevated to join the ranks of MasterBUILT Hotels heading up their HR now internally.  Abby was with our team for almost 8 years and MBH has been a valued client for as long as Abby has been a team member, so it only made sense to all of us to see that relationship continue to grow as Abby transitions to full-time with their team. 

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Lady doing light workout by standing on one leg and having her arms above head in the nature

Winter is coming.

This pandemic has been mentally and physically tough for everyone. Working from home is the new norm for many people, which has resulted in a reduction in our movement patterns.

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People in the office.

Onboarding – The Sequel.

Imagine you have planned a temporary absence from your workplace with the full intention of coming back. This could be a maternity leave, paternity leave, health leave, or for those lucky few, a sabbatical.

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To intern or not to intern?

This summer, we had the opportunity to hire a student for an 8 week internship. It turned out to be a positive experience for both our team and our intern. For a small business owner, hiring a student may not be possible due to budget constraints and the time required

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Workplace Drama.

There are very few of us who have been spared the discomfort of difficult-to-navigate scenarios at work. On the healthy end of the spectrum, these look like friction and challenges that drive growth and progress through collaboration, good competition and healthy debate. The other side of the spectrum

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Tips to Stay Healthy While Working from home.

We have all been out of our routine for 10 weeks now. Working from home may have been a big adjustment for many of us. Years, if not decades of our life we have commuted to the office, done our work and then commuted home. We had to plan ahead

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The Job Description.

I recently spoke to a group of entrepreneurs and asked them a simple question. What’s your go-to HR tool you use to ensure your culture is exactly what you’ve imagined it to be

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The Art of Self-Awareness.

Self-awareness (or lack thereof) continues to be the reasons people don’t get the job (even when they have the skills), it stops them from getting the promotion and gets in the way of teams performing at the highest levels. We’re often asked if we can teach self

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Rewards and Recognition.

The lowest scores on our Employee Engagement Surveys is typically linked directly to a lack of recognition at work. On the flip side, leaders often resent the idea of recognition because, “We shouldn’t have to give participation medals for showing up to do their job.” But chances are – both

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