Our January Non-Profit: Calgary Counselling Centre

By: Michelle Berg

One of my most deepest, most rooted values is connection. When I am living my full definition of success, connection shows up consistently. And it is the value that I keep most guarded as well. I rarely connect with someone until I can completely trust them; and yet oddly enough it is the thing that I yearn for the most.


I have never been shy about my struggle with mental health. I have been in and out of therapy most of my adult life trying to heal old battle wounds and understand why my armour let me down in the past. I have always believed in talking about it and owning it, so that people who aren’t struggling in the same way can see that mental health issues come in all shapes and forms.

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HR Leaders Summit Calgary, a three-part review

By: Paola Castillo

I recently attended a conference named HR Leaders Summit. HR leaders from large companies like KPMG, WestJet and DDI attended, as well as smaller businesses influencing the HR world on an international scale like Kudos (also one of our clients).

Side note: I won’t lie. Being around people 10-15 years plus into their career was slightly intimidating. However, I decided to not let my impostor syndrome get in the way, and took out my notebook and pencil.

My notes consisted of “Never thought of that before!”, “Huh… cool”, and “Well… let’s agree to disagree”. Accordingly, I am creating a three-part blog series. And because as humans we like the controversy, let’s chat a little about my “Well… let’s agree to disagree” moment first.

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2019: The Year of Goal Setting Phobia??

While it’s probably been brewing for a while now, this is the first year I’ve noticed such a hate on for New Year’s resolutions or goal setting. So much so, that I might dare say it’s been a “trend”. A trend I intend to buck.


Here’s my stance: Goals and resolutions are not stupid. To me this is about the same non-sense and infatuation that our culture seems to have with failing. That everyone needs to fail to move forward. To me, that’s garbage. Do people fail every day? Yes. Do people see failure the same way? No.  Sure – you need to learn from mistakes, learn how to pivot and show resiliency. But stop romanticizing failure. Failure completely and utterly sucks. And I’m tired of it being seen as an excuse – which is exactly what this looks like too – I literally just finished a blog that says, “Don’t set goals, they make you less successful.” That reads like an excuse.

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