Tips to Stay Healthy While Working from Home

We have all been out of our routine for 10 weeks now. Working from home may have been a big adjustment for many of us. Years, if not decades of our life we have commuted to the office, done our work and then commuted home. We had to plan ahead, organize our life and ensure we had what we needed for each day.

  • Were we going to the gym during lunch or after work?
  • Did we have our bag and our runners with us?
  • Did we have a lunch meeting, or do we need to pack a lunch?
  • Are we rushing home for a quick dinner and then off to the little one’s soccer practice?
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COVID-19 Culture Health

How are you? No – really – How are you…. Cultural health and the wellness of your team has taken a massive hit during this global pandemic.

Michelle Berg and Jana Taylor converse on culture, COVID, and your crew.

  • Empathy
  • Mental Health
  • Straight Talk
  • Next Normal
  • Virtual Culture
  • Leading in a Crisis

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