Tips to Stay Healthy While Working from Home

We have all been out of our routine for 10 weeks now. Working from home may have been a big adjustment for many of us. Years, if not decades of our life we have commuted to the office, done our work and then commuted home. We had to plan ahead, organize our life and ensure we had what we needed for each day.

  • Were we going to the gym during lunch or after work?
  • Did we have our bag and our runners with us?
  • Did we have a lunch meeting, or do we need to pack a lunch?
  • Are we rushing home for a quick dinner and then off to the little one’s soccer practice?
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Renee Groenland

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Employers – if any of your team members are in self-isolation…

Employers – if any of your team members are in self-isolation (for themselves or to care for another) and cannot work from home, and have exhausted their sick benefits, it’s EXTREMELY important that you complete their record of employment (ROE) for them ASAP.  If they have been directed by a health practitioner or have recently travelled, it would be coded as SICK. If they have are caring for another, it’s compassionate care and if they are electing to stay home (no one has directed them) it’s a leave of absence.


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Rebecca Wood

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HR Leaders Summit Calgary, a three-part review

By: Paola Castillo

I recently attended a conference named HR Leaders Summit. HR leaders from large companies like KPMG, WestJet and DDI attended, as well as smaller businesses influencing the HR world on an international scale like Kudos (also one of our clients).

Side note: I won’t lie. Being around people 10-15 years plus into their career was slightly intimidating. However, I decided to not let my impostor syndrome get in the way, and took out my notebook and pencil.

My notes consisted of “Never thought of that before!”, “Huh… cool”, and “Well… let’s agree to disagree”. Accordingly, I am creating a three-part blog series. And because as humans we like the controversy, let’s chat a little about my “Well… let’s agree to disagree” moment first.

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