30 Day Challenge: Let’s Prove Randi Zuckerberg Wrong


By: Michelle Berg


Not long ago, I came across an article from 2016 by Randi Zuckerberg, titled “Work, Sleep, Family, Fitness or Friends: Pick 3″.

I’ve been obsessed ever since for two reasons:


  1. I thought she was full of shit and wanted to prove her wrong. After all, who does she think she is telling me what I can and can’t do?
  2. I started using a spreadsheet to track it…and it turns out, she was right. In fact, I hardly did well at 2 of them.


After doing the spreadsheet for a month, I was shocked at how neglectful I was in certain areas.   And it left me with a really important question…is it possible to have the integrated life I crave?


Even though I personally suck at it, I know the answer is “yes.”  At the end of the day, it’s all about my perspective and taking full ownership of the success I create.


Back in 2014 we started building our Essentials for Leadership offering.   One of the Ted Talks that we use in our curriculum spoke about the idea of work life balance.  The speaker asked the audience to think about a person standing on their head. Truthfully, they aren’t standing still – instead, they are making small shifts back and fourth to maintain balance. Maybe he shifts too much to the right, and then suddenly shifts to the left. To him, he may not feel balanced (he may be feeling wobbly) but to everyone else he looks balanced.  Or vice versa. Maybe the audience feels he’s about to fall, but actually he’s fully in control.


In other words, when it comes to work, sleep, family, fitness or friends and the quest for achieving it all, may just be possible after all.  For me, when I brought consciousness to the process and kept a spreadsheet it helped me to recognize when I needed to shift priorities. With it, I could focus on the areas that matter most so that I can maintain the mental well-being that leads me to success.


My biggest learning? It’s not about work life balance. For me, balance actually doesn’t exist nor do I long for it. But work life consciousness…that’s something I can get behind.


Try it for yourself.  Here’s a copy of my simple 30 Day Challenge spreadsheet I created for myself.  I encourage you to create your own sub headings as required and remember that your definition of “good” is your definition, because after all, it’s your opinion that matters most.  And let me know how it goes – I’m curious to see if you can get to the place you want to be.


Suck it Randi Zuckerberg. We’ve got this.

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A Twist to June Dresses 2017

At Elevated, part of what we do is to support a non-profit at least monthly by donating time or money.  Last year in June we were pumped, because we stumbled upon June Dresses where we could raise money and awareness for organizations that support women in Calgary.


Enter today…it’s June 1 and I text all the girls making sure they wear their dresses as we hadn’t really talked about it (of course, Abby isn’t so that’s $5.00 in the dress jar for her!). Anyway, it dawns on me, “Hey – I haven’t actually seen anything this year!” and I go to the website and they unfortunately aren’t doing it.  But in our typical style, the team at Elevated and I have a plan to ensure the great organizations that support women still get some love and financial support. And of course, now we (realistically, Michelle and I) get a reason to have to wear dresses all June (and yes, even if it’s cold, Abby).


So here’s our plan: If you’re wearing a dress, snap a pic, post on Instagram, tag @elevatedhr along with the name of your favorite women’s non-profit in Calgary.  Each day, one person’s non-profit will be selected and Elevated will donate $50.00!


Sounds easy right? One more time…


  • Put on a dress
  • Take a picture
  • Post on Instagram
  • Tag @elevatedhr and a Calgary women’s non-profit of your choice
  • We select one a day (so if you don’t get picked the first time, post again the next day!)
  • We donate the money!
  • You get famous
  • Well, probably not…but we’ll give you some insta-love!


Ready, set…get dress-ed! J

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Looking for a job? 6 tips to turn your Uber driver experience into a live Linkedin interaction


By: Michelle Berg


I am an Uber fan. I love how easy it seems to strike up a conversation with an Uber driver. It’s actually the part of the experience I like the most. I typically always ask the driver:

1.)   How long have you been driving with Uber?

2.)   Why are you driving Uber?

3.)   Do you like it?

It’s probably not surprising that the number one response to “why drive with Uber” is: “I lost my job and figured this is a good way to make money for the interim.”

As the owner of an employee experience agency, I typically cringe during an interview when someone says they want a job just for the money. But with Uber it makes sense. I kind of dig that entrepreneurial spirit that it seems to evoke.

So the other day, I get into an Uber ask my typical questions and something quite awesome happens…

My Driver is beyond excited. You see, he told me he had just received a job offer and would be moving to very limited hours with Uber starting that following Monday. He had been searching for over year as he was laid off as a labourer. He went on to explain that originally moved to Calgary from out east with a degree in international tax.

He explained that one day while driving for Uber, he told a guest his story. And this particular guest happened to work at a fairly large accounting firm in Calgary. The guest then said, “we’re dying for people. You’d have to start at the bottom, but send me your resume and I’ll get you in for a trial.” And boom, just like that, the driver had landed a role.

Here’s the thing: for those that have been out of work for a while and have been trying everything they can online to find a job, my advice is to get back to the old fashioned way of doing things. Get yourself out there. Network. In unique ways. Not lame ways. Strike up conversations that matter.

So if you’ve been looking for work for a while, try Uber. Not necessarily for the income, but for the conversations. Here’s six tips to turn your Uber driver experience into a live Linkedin interaction

1.)   Think about driving during rush hour (and slightly before or after) to get access to the 9-5 crowd

2.)   Have your resume ready and printed out in the vehicle

3.)   Put it in an envelope so that it’s easy for transport (as in they can slip it in their jacket pocket)

4.)   Ask for their business cards (almost everyone has one). And if they don’t, have post-it notes and a pen in your car and ask them to write down their contact information.

5.)   Follow up. Preferably before you take your next fare.

6.)   And finally, look good, smell good and know your pitch. You’ve got 5-20 minutes to impress. Don’t blow it. This is more time than they will ever give your resume (which is about 7 seconds).

Need help with your resume? We do that. Need help with preparing for an interview. We’ve got your back covered there too. Drop us a line or send us a tweet!

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The 2017 Elevated “Street Smart” Award – Now Accepting Applications!

Did you know that last year we started a Bursary Program that awarded $1,200 annually for “Street Smarts” at Michelle’s high school?

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I Told a Room Full of Marketers that I Hate HR

i hate hr


So it’s true – I have a hate on for HR. I find it cringe worthy. To the point that I often find myself avoiding answering what I do in new social settings such as networking events and conferences.  Yes, I know that it’s somewhat odd considering I run an HR company. I even ran a workshop on eradicating the HR department just last week at the Gathering.  And I agree – bold move as it relates to my business development tactics.

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