Introducing (a month late…) Elevated’s Intern

May 1, 2018 we got ourselves an Intern. We probably should stop calling her that since the STEP Program says she’s supposed to be called a Summer Student. Plus she isn’t relegated to demeaning tasks. She actually has a pretty legitimate job (and has been killing it for the last month too!) 

Here’s a look at Paola’s first week with us (and yeah, we know this is a month late…but better late than never!)

My First Week

By: Paola Castillo

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A Bitter Sweet Goodbye

By: Michelle McNutt


Well it’s the end of an era…can an era be 1.5 years? I’m going to say yes…as my ‘Elevated Era’ has a nice ring to it (alliteration will do that) and this will be how I look back on my time here. It all started with a lunch at Teatro…conversation ended with “I don’t like getting married after a first date, but this was gooood!” (Don’t worry, we followed the recruitment process…I met the team and some clients before actually saying “I Do!”, complete with a Tiffany blue box.)

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A Mother’s Day Post

By: Michelle Berg

My mom has and has always had an incredible work ethic. Starting her career with no formal education past high school meant she was going to face some barriers as she fought to climb the corporate ladder. She worked long hours which meant she wasn’t always at my baseball or basketball games or was able to help me with my homework. But I never resented her. It just was the way it was. She never complained and neither did we.

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When the bad stress starts to win

I am stressed. And not the good kind.


The kind that turns into depression if not handled appropriately. The kind that is most likely going to get debilitating. In a past blog on mental health, my family and friends have often been good enough to point it out. Last Wednesday two very important women in my life called me on it – I wasn’t ready to talk but they took the time to both text me to tell me I can beat this. And I knew it was bad when I had a hard time believing them.

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Mental Health and Business: 5 Tips to Support

This is a tough post for me. You see, I have a great life. I’ve run a business for 7.5 years in Calgary, weathering both great growth and a major slump in the oil and gas industry. I have an incredibly supportive husband (who maintains the stability in my crazy entrepreneur life) and I have an adorable 3.5-year-old who absolutely keeps me on my toes.  We travel a ton (6 weeks out of the year) and as a family unit, value experiences over things.  That said – we also have things. Far too many things.

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