A Year in Review

Last summer I had the opportunity to join the team at Elevated. A whole year has now passed, and I can honestly say there is nothing else quite like it.

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Tales from the Interns Blog #2

Alexandra and Lauren continue to navigate their way through the world of Elevated. From hosting events to being asked to listen to podcasts and more, read on about their latest adventures! We’ve been doing our best at exposing them to all parts of the business! 

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Tabitha Looks Back on Her First Month

Meet Tabitha Bazely, our newest Employee Experience Manager who joined us last month! Here she shares her thoughts of what it’s like to go from a 48,000 person organization to 10!

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So you think you can be a Disrupt HR speaker!

This past Thursday (May 9, 2019) we had one of our biggest Disrupt HR events in the history of Calgary. The venue was off the charts, the variety in people attending was magical and the topics covered were incredibly diverse. The feedback and reports continue to come in, and we as organizers know it was a huge success. A tell-tale sign? We’re getting a ton of people wanting to know how they can take part in the next one!

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Tales From The Interns Blog #1

Lauren (left) and Alexandra (right) are Elevated’s two new interns for 2019!

Alexandra Chern and Lauren Myketyn are the latest new hires for the Elevated Team in 2019!  Today mark’s Week 1 of their journey this summer. We are excited to showcase their experience throughout the summer and diving into their own ideas about work and employee experience!


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