8 Years – How Things Have Changed

By: Michelle Berg

8 years ago, I decided to take a major leap into the world of entrepreneurship. I had no idea what I was doing but I was determined to give it a go. 8 years later…here we are. And I still often feel like I really have no idea what I’m doing.

Throughout the years, I have definitely learned some things about HR. Here are the 8 ways our philosophies have changed over the last 8 years:

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From a Gen Z’s P.O.V: Takeaways and Goals

Paola Castillo has been an intern at Elevated for the last 3 months. We thought we’d get her to tell us what she’s been up to, what she’s learned and where she thinks she’s going in her career. By the way: If you’ve been in the workforce for a while now, I’m hoping you remember back to what you were like as a recent graduate and ask, “Are we really that different generationally or do we all just have to embrace time?” Not the point of the blog mind you, but just a good reminder of “are we really that different generationally”). Okay. We digress. This is Paola’s blog! 

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Elevated Street Smart Award 2018

By: Michelle Berg

Back in 2016, I started the Elevated Street Smart Award at my high school; I wasn’t as book smart as others but I was out there hustling like crazy whether it was holding down a job, volunteering or doing extra curricular events. So the goal was to give back to someone who was willing to put in the work, but just in a different way! 

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Why Your Voice Matters: Engagement Surveys and their Relevance

In the 8 years we’ve been in business, for almost 7.5 of those years we’ve created engagement surveys for small and medium sized organizations to help businesses understand how their employees are feeling.  We’ve received the opinions from more than 5000 employees and 250+ companies in North America, from companies sized 5 employees to 500 employees.  Our lowest engagement score was just over 20% and our highest topped 97%.

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Introducing (a month late…) Elevated’s Intern

May 1, 2018 we got ourselves an Intern. We probably should stop calling her that since the STEP Program says she’s supposed to be called a Summer Student. Plus she isn’t relegated to demeaning tasks. She actually has a pretty legitimate job (and has been killing it for the last month too!) 

Here’s a look at Paola’s first week with us (and yeah, we know this is a month late…but better late than never!)

My First Week

By: Paola Castillo

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