When the bad stress starts to win

I am stressed. And not the good kind.


The kind that turns into depression if not handled appropriately. The kind that is most likely going to get debilitating. In a past blog on mental health, my family and friends have often been good enough to point it out. Last Wednesday two very important women in my life called me on it – I wasn’t ready to talk but they took the time to both text me to tell me I can beat this. And I knew it was bad when I had a hard time believing them.

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Mental Health and Business: 5 Tips to Support

This is a tough post for me. You see, I have a great life. I’ve run a business for 7.5 years in Calgary, weathering both great growth and a major slump in the oil and gas industry. I have an incredibly supportive husband (who maintains the stability in my crazy entrepreneur life) and I have an adorable 3.5-year-old who absolutely keeps me on my toes.  We travel a ton (6 weeks out of the year) and as a family unit, value experiences over things.  That said – we also have things. Far too many things.

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People and Culture Predictions 2018


Each year I attempt to say what’s going to happen in the people and culture field – sometimes I’ve been right. Most of the time it’s common sense. And I’m sure (while I don’t recall when) I’ve been wrong. At any rate – let me know what you think about the following 2018 predictions…

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30 Day Challenge: Let’s Prove Randi Zuckerberg Wrong


By: Michelle Berg


Not long ago, I came across an article from 2016 by Randi Zuckerberg, titled “Work, Sleep, Family, Fitness or Friends: Pick 3″.

I’ve been obsessed ever since for two reasons:

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A Twist to June Dresses 2017

At Elevated, part of what we do is to support a non-profit at least monthly by donating time or money.  Last year in June we were pumped, because we stumbled upon June Dresses where we could raise money and awareness for organizations that support women in Calgary.

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