Random thoughts, ideas on where people and culture programming is going next.

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The Art of Self-Awareness.

Self-awareness (or lack thereof) continues to be the reasons people don’t get the job (even when they have the skills), it stops them from getting the promotion and gets in the way of teams performing at the highest levels. We’re often asked if we can teach self

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Rewards and Recognition.

The lowest scores on our Employee Engagement Surveys is typically linked directly to a lack of recognition at work. On the flip side, leaders often resent the idea of recognition because, “We shouldn’t have to give participation medals for showing up to do their job.” But chances are – both

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Leading a Business during a pandemic.

We can all agree that the world of work has had a major shift locally and globally. We have received requests from those businesses that have not been deemed an essential service, and are looking for productivity ideas for team members working at home. Here are some recommendations to consider

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Inclusivity and Diversity.

As an organization that is committed to the idea that work shouldn’t suck (ever), we were excited and hopeful about the future discussions that surround inclusivity and diversity. Given recent media attention regarding Black Lives Matter in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death, we had more than a

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Exercise does a Body, Mind & Company Good!

When we think about exercise, we think about the value that it brings to our body. We lose the weight, we get stronger, we lower our blood pressure. What we often don’t recognize is the boost that it brings to our brains and how that can positively affect our

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Elevating your Team in Times of Change.

The world of work has changed significantly in these past few weeks. From offices going completely remote, employees setting up desks at home amongst kitchen tables and living rooms, rightsizing teams, and supporting those that are sick. It has been a waterfall of change in a short period of time

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Difficult Conversations.

For most people, the month of February tends to be synonymous with the word “love”. And no one loves love like I do. Okay sure, I’m that same person that rolls my eyes at that couple in the bar is showing too much PDA but if I’m being

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A group of young Gen Z adults sitting around tables.

Dear Gen Z

Admittedly my sample set of working with Gen Z has been small. Also. I’ll put it out there. I mostly think generational stereotypes are more harmful than helpful. So, take the click bait for what it’s worth. That said, this is a letter to Gen Z from, well

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